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APC Texas Conducts Elections in Dallas

APC Texas Conducts Elections in Dallas

The All People’s Congress Social and Cultural group (APCSC) has just conducted its well overdue elections on June 30 in Dallas Texas. The elections were conducted ahead of the APC-USA branch planned retreat which is expected to be held at the end of July at Ohio State in the United States of America.  (Photo: President elect, Mrs. Jenneh Juanah Koroma and VP. Dr. Foday Christian Sesay Jr.)

In a clear democratic process, Eight-members were duly elected as the new Executive to man the affairs of the chapter for the next two years.  Mrs. Jenneh Juanah Koroma, the wife of Mr. Sheiku Tejan Koroma won the presidency by defeating an energetic youth leader, Reverend Ben Abu Daboh by 19 votes to 3. Reverend Ben Abu Daboh was the only candidate contested against the dominant influential and astonishing exertions, Mrs. Jenneh Juana Koroma.

The elections was conducted in the presence of a representative from the APUSA Executive branch, Ms. Babyhaj who is presently acting as Secretary General of the women’s wing.

Three astute members including Pastor John Kanu, Mr. Cornelius McCarthy, and Mrs. Hawa Ibrahim were the election officers.

One incumbent, the former vice president, Mr. Edward Sesay gave up the elections after a dramatic tie between him and his opponent, Dr. Foday Christian Sesay in the polls.  In the process, a little discussions was made as to whether the two men should go for a run-off or have a two vice presidents, but based on the constitution at hand, the elections commissioners disputed the idea of two (VPs) saying that there is no two vice presidents clause in the constitution of APC-USA.

The group also unanimously agreed to avoid the run-off. Thus, by the advice of the Chief elections officer, Pastor John Kanu, fondly called N’Fa Alie, the two candidates met in a closed door to present to the elections officers an equitable result. Dr. Sesay finally emerged as the new vice president of the APC Dallas chapter.

Other candidates that maintained their positions were, Honorable Mr. Patrick Jackson who with no opposition won the treasurer position for the second time. Mrs. Mariatu Kamara still uphold the Secretary General position and for the second time.

New APC Dallas Executive

It is amazing that Mr. Sanpha Sesay, the author of this article is still elected as Public Relations Officer (PRO) with no opposition to contest against him.  Mr. Sesay has held the public relations officer (PRO) position since the inception of this chapter in April, 2002. To fill the gap of financial secretary, Mr. Edward Sesay accepted that position and went unopposed. A new face of the youth leadership was captured by Mrs. Hawa Fofanah, the first time in the history of APC-USA a woman heading youth leadership position.

After the March 2018 elections, the APC Dallas Texas has been frantically debating on how to bounce back after losing, and one of the strategies they came up with was for the chapter to be a jump-starter in the APC-USA by conduction a truly democratic elections as such. The group believe that losing elections is really a tuff pill to swallow, especially when the group put up a valiant effort and still came up short.

With the new female president, Mrs. Jenneh Juana Koroma, and a discerning scholarly vice president, Dr. Foday Christain Sesay, the APC Dallas will be ushering a wrenching change in the chapter seeing the APC party is enduring the worst defeat on the 2018 presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The president elect, Mrs. Koroma in her victory speech, assured members of her commitment to uphold the values of her organization and to ensure that the chapter continues to keep up its momentum in the way her predecessor, Mr. Sheik Daboh ruled during the last four years.  She advised comrades to remain ally steadfast in adherence to the principles of the All People’s Congress party and continue to participate in its functions.

Let us resist the temptation to fall back and avoid what will poison our enthusiasm so that we can always ready to strike back come 2023 elections, she said.

Mrs. Koroma acknowledge the good works of the man she is taking the baton from, Mr. Sheik Daboh, saying that there has never been a more humbling moment in her life to Mr. Daboha not only humbled by the extent of what has happened in that night of the elections.

Turning to the group members, Mrs. Koroma Koroma paid gratitude to her comrades and said, I consider the trust you have placed in me to be sacred and I will surely have to give you my sacred oath to do my utmost to justify your faith.

In his handing over speech, the outgoing president, Mr. Sheik Daboh, expresses gratitude to all members of the APC Dallas chapter as well as the branch leadership for the enormous support they have given him.  He also appreciate his executive members who have been there throughout his two term stay in power, and for their support from when they started and now they are leaving gracefully.

Outgoing President Sheik Daboh

Mr. Sheik Daboh said, our tenure was a huge success, though we had few challenges which we conquered with wisdom and understanding. During the last four years, my chapter was able to subscribe to all social issues raging in our country, and for some of those, if I can cite a few, were the Ebola epidemic, the mudslide and the flood disasters, all of which my chapter contributed financially to help the victims.

In the political aspect, he said, our chapter has been proactive in the APC-USA branch to participate in any party function. The APC Dallas hosted a branch delegate conference in in preparation for the 2018 elections. Despite the distance from Texas to any part of the states, we participated in all counter protests in New York especially when the anti-Ernest Koroma and the opposition bent to put down our hard working president.

Mr. Sheik Dabo said that, he had always follows a collaborative approach in working with his group members and the branch executive. I always make sure that the group complies with the demands of the branch especially in the party’s humanitarian effort, he added.

As the saying goes, “Once you’ve been knocked down, you have to get back up. The APC Dallas chapter in Texas is determined to keep up its momentum by getting back up and move on in a predominantly the opposition SLPP state in Texas.  This time, the APC Dallas vowed to things differently and expecting other chapters emulate, Dr. Christian Sesay, the Vice President elect said.

The date for the inauguration for Mrs. Jenneh Juanah Koroma and her executive will be soon announced whenever the branch leadership approves.

By Sanpha Sesay, The Texas Chief

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