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Mrs. Abibatu Daramy delivers emotional appeal on stopping crime in Sierra Leone

Mrs. Abibatu Daramy delivers emotional appeal on stopping crime in Sierra Leone

October 6, 2018, Dallas, Texas: The inauguration of the new president of the APC-USA Dallas chapter Mrs. Jenneh Juanah Koroma brought with it the attendance of many eminent figures to and fro, including the keynote speaker, Mrs. Abibatu Daramy and Ambassador Felix Koroma.  In honor of Mrs. Koroma’s noteworthy accomplishment, the inaugural event took place on September 29th, 2018 at the Garland convention center in Dallas, Texas.

Event festivities began occurring on Friday, September 28th at Pastor Simpson’s hall, the exclusive site for membership meetings and interactions. On Sunday September 30th, in the comfort of his own home, the Vice President of APC Dallas, Dr. Foday Christian Sesay hosted a great number of members from outside the states, as well as locals in a barbeque get-together to bid foreign members a farewell.

APC Dallas Group

Since the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections in March this year, this inauguration marked the first distinctive manifestation of the driving change in the APC-USA branch of which the branch Chairman, Mr. Unisa I.B.Kanu and his team conducted.

The nine man Executive took the oath of office behind the new president Mrs. Koroma and sworn in “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the president in the All People’s Congress party, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the APC party” Mrs. Jeneh Koroma and her Executive raised their right hands, in recognition of this solemn oath.

As the March 2018 elections rolled around, trauma gripped the APC party, interest intensified, and suspense became widespread, but the APC Dallas chapter remained steadfast and courageously became the first APC chapter to conduct clear democratic elections in July this year. According to the predecessor, Mr. Sheik Daboh, this is an awakening strategy to set the pace for the APC-USA branch.

In a peaceful and lawful transfer of power by the predecessor Mr. Daboh, the APC Dallas has agreed to engage in genuinely democratic, patriotic, and nonpartisan rituals after a public swearing-in conducted by the Chairman of the party’s 5th branch of APC-USA, Chairman Unisa Kanu.

The inauguration was graced with several activates to commemorate the scope of the event. The Texas Paddle masquerade performance was an alluring mix that made the event extraordinary. A presentation of certifications and awards to the chapter presidents in honor of their active role in Branch was also performed by the inaugural president and Chairman, Unisa Kanu

The opening remarks in the inaugural event were dedicated to the Masters of the Ceremony (MC), Mrs. Babyhaj and Mr. Cornelius McCarthy. Prior to, Islamic and Christian prayers which were performed by Sanpha Sesay, the author of this article, and Pastor John Kanu, another member of the APC Dallas.

The most powerful moment during the night of September 29th was the Keynote speaker, Mrs. Abibatu Daramy’s speech when she eloquently spoke with compassion and fury about the continuing violence in the country since the elections of March 2018. She called on the nation to raise awareness about the government’s failure to combat violence against innocent people who are fighting for their rights.

Mrs. Abibatu Daramy’s speech left several attendees in tears with every ounce of ardor conveyed in her message by highlighting several issues ranging from the violence of killing innocent people, injustice, to the tribalism raging in the country.

Mrs. Daramy went on to say that Sierra Leoneans should be treated equally as first-class citizens and that foreigners in no way should have an advantage over the citizens of the country who owe allegiance and are entitled to their fullest protection. Killing ourselves is not our portion, amid, the number of atrocities, the government should consider using an ecological model which takes into account the multitude of social, cultural, and political factors that influence violence in the country, she went on.

The Keynote speaker also called on the government to end the stalemate and enact a single provision of law and order by restricting private vengeance and retribution against private citizens who are treated humanely all across the country.

Mrs. Daramy also expressed her concern over the All People’s Congress APC party for its reluctance in promoting change.  She advised the APC Dallas president, Mrs. Koroma and the entire APC-USA to engage with party members and stakeholders in positive dialogues to promote mutual understanding and trust to foster a positive impact.

After taking her oath, the new president, Mrs. Jenneh Juanah Koroma preached about unity and diversity in the APC party. She expressed that being elected to the highest position offered, as the president of the APC Dallas she will do her best to elevate the chapter to greatness.

Mrs. Jenneh Juana Koroma Inaugurated president

President Jenneh Koroma believed that one of the true accomplishments of the APC party is its ability to resolve issues and identify values and purpose that transcend cultures and unify the party at any given time. Our main challenge at the moment is uniting for a reform, she exclaimed. She appealed to all APC fans across the globe to put aside all differences and come together to achieve our party cohesive goals.

The new president further assured APC comrades that despite the power exalted in her, she is not going to exercise that power in an arbitrary or dictatorial manner, but rather to administer impartial equality with the end goal of promoting unity in not only her chapter but all accompanying chapters as well.

Patrick Pierce receiving Atlanta award

Mrs. Jenneh Koroma in speech, recognizes the past leaders of this chapter, starting with her husband, Mr. Sheku Tejan Koroma who is the founder of the APC Dallas. Mr. Sheku Koroma is the chairman of APC branch in Kailahun District, founded the APC Dallas in 2002. Other leaders including, Ms. Nanette Thomas (the iron lady of APC worldwide), Mr. Sheik Daboh, Mr. Cornilious Macarthy, and Mr. Mambu Koroma, of whom all were recognized by the inaugurated president.

No announcement was made by Chairman Unisa Kanu, but a source stated that the APC-USA branch is planning on hosting a mini-convention, date, and venue not disclosed, to bring together all members and stakeholders, with the purpose of motivating, encouraging, and educating members on a broader scale, while planning, analyzing activities, and strategizing for the 2023 general elections.

By Sanpha Sesay, The Texas Chief

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