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NRA Finance Director in ‘Dead-Man’ Racket

NRA Finance Director in ‘Dead-Man’ Racket

Relatives have lodged a bitter complaint of their paternal brother Abdulai Conteh (in photo) who serves as the Financial Director of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) over the manner in which he went ahead to hijack the corpse of a brother against the wishes of the entire family.

An email forwarded to this press by a sister of the NRA Director, who is currently residing in the United States reveals how Abdulai’s dastardly orchestrated act has caused an embarrassment to the rest of the family members both at home and in the Diaspora.

Ami Conteh the sister who writes from the States quoted that her brother Abdulai has in various instances used his affluence and authority as top brass of the nation’s core financial institution to take unilateral decisions on family issues, thus subjecting the good image of the family into disrepute.

The email confirmed that the latest of Abdulai’s exploits was his show of arrogance and aggressive nature with which he was able to exert fear on mortuary attendants to release the remains of their deceased brother Idrissa Conteh against the wishes of the family.

Ami further complained that Abdulai traveled with the deceased Idrissa Conteh to The Gambia where the deceased fell seriously sick. On returning to Freetown, Idrissa was hospitalized and abandoned and left to die in the hospital.  Ami confirmed that the eldest brother Mr. Suba Conteh was dispatched from the USA by the rest of the family to preside over the funeral rites of their late brother.

On knowing this, Abdulai cleverly influenced the undertakers to hand over the corpse of Idrissa whom he had earlier left in the hospital to die, so that he can pretentiously make a show of him.

Ami also wrote that on Suba’s arrival, Abdulai connived with a younger sister Hawanatu to put up a brawl with Mr. Suba and machinated an immediate arrest by eight police officers headed by ASP Kelvin of the Eastern Police on the orders of the financial Director.

When Sierra Express Media’s investigation team went to the family house at Bombay Street in the east, eye witnesses expressed resentment in the attitude of Abdulai whom they branded a series of odd titles.

Ami revealed that in the cause of seeking justice for Mr. Suba Conteh, she wants the authorities in Freetown to know that Abdulai is using his position of office to wreck havoc and reduce the family to a laughing stock.

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  • My greatest respect and sympathy goes to the rest of the respected Family excluding Abdulai Conteh the killer.I say sorry. I think Mr Abdulai Conteh took his deceased brother Idrissa Conteh to Gambia to sacrifice him so that Ernest will win re-election. Ernest has also done his own sacrifice for the coming election. Those APC’s are very desprate for the re-election because they know that if the loose, they will be held responsible.

    May the souls of the faithful departed in peace.

    3rd September 2012
  • http://t.co/0zDDJWfw NRA Finance Director in ‘Dead-Man’ Racket http://t.co/giDUm5jK

    31st August 2012

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