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Relatives have lodged a bitter complaint of their paternal brother Abdulai Conteh (in photo) who serves as the Financial Director of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) over the

Director of Finance, NRA, Abdulai Conteh why this gross indiscipline…? Sierra Express Media has been monitoring the latest happenings at the country’s income cradler, the National Revenue Authority (NRA).

It has reached Sierra Express Media that there is a split among senior management officers at the National Revenue Authority (NRA).  (Photo: NRA Finance Director Abdulai Conteh) Reports have

A sum totaling Le 1 billion is reportedly unaccounted for by the Finance Department at the National Revenue Authority (NRA).  (Photo: Acting Commissioner General, Haja Kallah Kamara) The amount

In 2007, during the last few months of the Presidential Elections campaign, then APC Opposition Leader, Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma, attended the Abuja inauguration ceremony of the then

I told a colleague a fortnight ago, that public education, especially on tax issues  is NOT and event but rather, a process that would take time to accomplish.