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The Dallas Chapter President has become the Robin Hood of the present APC NA

The Dallas Chapter President has become the Robin Hood of the present APC NA

The latest victim is the APC Diaspora Campaign Group (APC DCG) of Comrade Mbanks.  The Dallas APC chapter lost its importance and credibility after the departure of their Charismatic President called the Iron Lady.  The present President, Mambu Koroma (in photo), who carries the name of a bush snake, surrounds himself with a bunch of crooks like Rev. John Kanu and the rest of them.  The Chapter has a serious leadership issue and credibility.

The APC DCG was defrauded a few weeks ago with a huge substantial amount of cash by President Mambu and Reverend Kanu.  Sources close to President Mambu disclosed that the proceeds from the fundraising have been kept by the first lady of the Dallas APC Chapter.

The Voice of Peace heard confirmed sources that Mr. Mambu Koroma invited the APC DCG for a joint fundraising dance in order to assist and support the upcoming elections for President Koroma’s re-election.

Mr. Mbanks took the bait and submitted his contribution to Mr. Mambu Koroma.  Mr. Mambu Koroma printed 350 tickets and his wife was put in charge of the sale of tickets at the gate.  The APC DCG was not permitted or represented at the gate.

After the dance Robin Hood Mambu took all the proceeds of the fundraising dance and declared it a loss.  His wife never gave any report, neither his organizing secretary.  How can we trust President Mambu?

When Nanette Thomas was President she tried to reach across the political spectrum.  She unified two Chapters, Dallas and Houston.  She invested all her time and her resources for the sake and love of her party.

Rumor has been circulating that President Mambu, who was a product of the opposition, had the guts to suspend the Iron lady’s membership of the Dallas Chapter.

Sources close to the Voice of Peace indicated that President Mambu was involved with some money that was collected for the upcoming elections and that this money was supposed to be submitted in Freetown.

President Mambu and his secretary general tried to block the transaction by suspending Nannette Thomas and Mr. Robert Yankson.

Nannette Thomas was suspended from the Dallas Chapter because of her strong stand against those crooks.

These rogues and thieves are not APC.  They are thieves and conmen of the Dallas Chapter.

Dallas Chapter needs a change of leadership before it is too late!

This is just the thought of the day, compiled and prepared by the Voice of Peace, Umaru Jalloh.

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