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That which is in the head of Joseph Kamara

That which is in the head of Joseph Kamara

Recent revelations made by the Anti Corruption Commissioner that they have received “transcript” & “uncut edition” of the timber documentary is laughable to an extent.

With all the years of practice and bank of wealth of experience the ACC Commissioner accrued in his horsemanship at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, one thinks he should be a school of thought on issues dealing with fair trial especially where balancing the grade of evidence is concerned.  Also, the Commissioner is expected to display a sense of rationalism in handling investigations especially when it seems that he is dealing with one set of evidence alone – that of the Aljazeera TV network.

Here is a scenario where by the Aljazeera TV network who have made grave allegations that Sierra Leoneans are involved in unlawful timber logging are now made to look like plaintiffs in the matter.  The ACC is using the Aljazeera documentary tips as basis to investigate alleged state officials who are involved in the said timber logging act. One thing which keeps coming absurd is the fact that Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh both suspects in the deal are private business persons and are not government officials who are using government resources.  The ACC Act has a mandate to investigate government or better still public officials that are usurping state resources through corrupt means.

We should also look again into the number element basis of those who are involved in the documentary clip for which the ACC is only hunting Alex Mansaray, Momoh Conteh and the Vice President Sam Sumana.

Now the ACC is here making lots of noise about transcript and uncut shootings.  If Sorious Samura would create cut frames of photo effect that transforms Momoh Conteh’s office to that of the Vice President and it appears natural just to make sense out of his articulations that the actors in the clip constitute corruption, what is even genuine about his transcript which is prepared by mere humans like us? To the limit of the term ‘uncut edition’ once items are being assembled in a newsroom for publication they can never be free from technology error especially when it is been prepared as evidence to challenge a law suit.  Now the ACC Commissioner is missing a wholesome point in defining classical evidence to his corruption fight.  What we are expecting at this moment is for the ACC to assemble tangible substance around the foreign media claims that possibly would establish the element of corruption, or hold them to account for their unethical blackmail.

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