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In the forenoon of Friday 24th of May, 2013 in the High Court of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Justice Abdulai H. Charm served justice when he acquitted

He beats one in the track lane, now he doubles, it seems a new world record is about to be set here as the world record marathon’s fastest

Star witness of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in the ongoing trial of Momoh Konte, Sorious Samura spent the third day in the witness dock under intense cross

Producer of the controversial timber documentary strand, Sorious Samura, took the witness stand on Friday June 22, in the High Court No. 2 of Sierra Leone. The strand:

One of the indicted persons in the controversial Aljazeera – timber documentary saga, Momoh Kemoh Konteh is due in court on Tuesday April 24th. The anti graft agency

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has announced that in the debacle of illegal timber logging as recently brought to light during the Aljazeera documentary, Vice President Samuel Sam

Recent revelations made by the Anti Corruption Commissioner that they have received “transcript” & “uncut edition” of the timber documentary is laughable to an extent. With all the years

Joseph Fit John Kamara Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has admitted receiving “quite a good volume of information from AIjazeera” on the now dubbed ‘Timergate’ documentary

The legal team of one of the accused persons in the ongoing timber documentary saga investigation, Momoh Conteh has put out a release questioning the integrity and sacredness