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A National Protected Area Authority (NPAA) guard has said that the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is slow in responding to reports of encroachment on protected areas in the

2019 was a terrible year for Sierra Leone’s forests. According to the 2020 annual pubic finance audit report, more than 10 million slow-growing, rosewood trees were shipped out

The Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment, Dr. Dennis Sandy (in photo) has frowned at the high increase of deforestation activities across the country. Dr. Sandy was

A platform known as Tropical Forest Alliance has called on all Sierra Leoneans to come together with the aim to minimize or totally stop deforestation/cutting down of trees

Last week, the government of Sierra Leone announced that all forest logging concessions were to be suspended “with immediate effect”, warning of repercussions for any violations. In a

The Director of Operations, AIG Elizabeth Turay has informed newsmen that Police has impounded 14 vehicles with loaded timber logs. Speaking at a press conference held recently at the

An open letter to President Bio Dear Mr. President, When your government, on 9th April this year, announced the suspension of timber exportation with “immediate effect”, it felt like the

Members of Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security have expressed serious concern over the massive and uncontrollable manner people are illegally encroaching on protected areas

Paramount Chief of Selenga Chiefdom, Desmond Kagobai, has raised concern over the rampant illegal deforestation in his chiefdom, a situation which, he said, keeps worrying him. Raising the concern