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Mr. Idiot: Where is the Le880 Million, Mr. President?

Mr. Idiot: Where is the Le880 Million, Mr. President?

Your Excellency Sir, the Idiot of a type salutes you sir. He salutes you because he has confirmed however that a sum totaling Le 880 million offered your government for the construction of an ultra modern market passed through you sir. (Photo: Ibrahim Sumara, author)

I know it hurts you when people perpetually use the prefix ‘sir’ to your name though. Forgive the Idiot sir. In the kingdom of Idiots, it is a phenomenon that noble men (just as you sir) deserve a ‘sir’ at the beginning of their names.

But why also not tell the Idiot how the Le 880 million donated to your government, and which cheque was given you directly was used sir?

No need tell the Idiot refrain using the prefix ‘sir’ to your name. He will surely not listen to you sir. Or if you truly want him refrain, strike a deal with him. How? Good! Now, tell the Idiot how money donated by Milestone Trading Company to your government for the construction of a contemporary market was used, and he will surely not ever use ‘sir’ to your name anymore! Amen!

People say you ‘President Koroma,’ is Sierra Leone’s most liked President? They also say you’ve brought them infrastructural development, 2-4-7 light etc. But they some also say that considerable number of Ministers in your cabinet … big time money choppers…

No doubt the current Minister of Works insists however that the amount in question must be accounted for by the Trades Ministry or may be Freetown City Council.

The Idiot has been shown a photo screening President Koroma as he receives the cheque of Le 880 million from the Chief Executive Officer of Milestone, Nissim…

I am sure those who say are Abacha Ladies may have heard it from the Idiot that in March 2008, President Koroma received hundreds of million for the construction of an ultra modern market for them, but never did at all.

Thank God the current Minister of Works has told the Idiot that as at time of his handing over of Ministerial duties as Minister of Trades, he included in his handing over note, the Le 880 million under his supervision.

No regret, no fear, no turning back and no shut up at all. The where about of the money must be told or Mr. Idiot will practically not shut up, but say it to all that money meant for the construction of a market inFreetownhas been chopped by the powers that be.

No joke at all. Idiot is tired with strange happenings though! And trust, he has declared war against deceiver politicians.

Swear to the hardship, to roads construction, to the soon to come appointment of Musa Tarawally as running mate, to 2-4-7 light, to bridge to Lungi, to bad mining laws, to swindling of tax payers money, to appointment of a flip flopping police Inspector General and to Wilkinson road, I, Mr. Idiot will not yield to any pressure if that Le 880 million is not accounted for proper.

See oh my people! Even the traders at Abacha Street, who until end of elections 2007 have their ‘ojas’ cloths tied to their wastes to vote President Koroma, and for whose sake the ultra modern market would have been built, still roam streets in the central district of Freetown without a market.

Your Excellency sir, why not order the anti corruption investigates the where about of the Le 880 million if for sure you’ve had your hands completely clean.

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