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Mr. Idiot: Who’s that man begging the mother of mothers?

Mr. Idiot: Who’s that man begging the mother of mothers?

This is truly a mouthful surprise anyway. The twitter box of the Idiot has hacked information revealing that the ‘mother of mothers’ who now takes pleasant rest in Bombali District north of Sierra Leone is indeed the all and all, who tells who should or should not enjoy the pleasure of public appointment(s).  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

Just when the information reaches the stupid Idiot that Nimister Musa calls the ‘mother of mothers’ his mother, he wasted no time but make a call to him (Musa) to ask him whether he now has two mothers.

Of course, it is to the understanding of the Idiot that Musa’s biological mother has died recently.  Hope it’s not that corpse allegedly exhumed from the grave for an unknown purpose though! 

And for your information my people, it has been told to the Idiot that all whose names are in the books of the ‘mother of mothers’ are referred to as the untouchables and sacred cows.

Do you also know that May – or Willy recently visited Makeni to beg the ‘mother of mothers’ accept him as her child and talk the Di Obai (strongest of sons of her) not hand him over to the anti corruption for…he has done?

Be not dismayed though. Nothing is concealed to the Idiot- swear to hardship and Wilkinson Road.

Less the Idiot sways, allow him make clear how the cabal operates. Or are you in surprise that an Idiot, a senseless and brainless man knows who the cabalists are in Sierra Leone?

No! Don’t be surprised at all! In Sierra Leone, fools, such as the Idiot, have unrestricted accesses to secret drawers, conference rooms, and to extent cabinet meetings.

The Idiot is been told that the ‘mother of mothers’ has submitted her candidate of choice to Di Obai for running mate, and is reportedly waiting to see if her selection could be turned down at all. God forbid, dare him rejects what the ‘mother of mothers’ want; serious tribunal for him!

And could it be true that Makeni has turned a weekend resting place for the big dons in the APC?

He who asks seeks knowledge. To the Idiot, it is no surprise that Musa has joined the wagon of sons of the ‘mother of mothers’ and has been recommended to Di Obai for running mate.

Here oh APC! This information has been told to the Idiot by the Konos. They say if their brother, Massa Sam Sumana is not given the running mate position come 2012, no dice for the APC at all.

Please don’t blame the Idiot for saying verbatim what was told to him by the Konos. He was asked to respectfully pass on the concern of the Konos to the Di Obai because he is the only person they trust to do so.

Now, tell the Idiot, who is that man sitting on the floor with a bowl of food round his feet and a big slice in his mouth? Whose parlour was he enjoyably eating such a delicious food? And why has he held onto the dress of the woman that is standing by him with a mobile phone on her hand?

No answer from the Idiot. Find them yourself. Goodbye!

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