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In Sierra Leone, VP Sam Sumana says, “I Am Back”!

In Sierra Leone, VP Sam Sumana says, “I Am Back”!

With almost five years of being pounded upon by allegations after allegations from different sectors of society; and especially during the last few months leading to this reappointment, Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana must be feeling extremely excited and thoroughly actualized in the Sierra Leone politics. As a great thinker once said, “It is not always about how many times you trip and fall down; it is about how many times you attempt to get up and keep moving”. Vice President Sumana has proven once again that the “Court of Public Opinion” can only help to strengthen your limbs and facilitate your ability to get up after what would seem like a fall!   (Photo: Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana)

Today, and to Vice President Sumana and the rest of the APC establishment, it would no longer be about Al-Jazera; or wife beater; or Takor Holdings; or Mark Heiligman and his incessant SLPP-backed allegations of fraud. Rather, it would be about how the Vice President and the APC family can strategically position themselves to work side by side with President Koroma to usher the much needed prosperity into a once neglected nation.

Vice President Alhaji Sam Sumana will go down in our political history as the only Vice President in our country who never fought his detractors using either violence or crude means. Late Vice President Sorie Ibrahim Koroma was one hot “Political Cookie” that you would not force down your throat without choking to death! The late Vice President Francis Minah had his own history of harassing and terrorizing anyone who stands on his path – be they his tribesmen or not! Former Vice President Solomon Berewa was another fierce dictator and someone who would brush through anyone who stands on his path to the Presidency. Each one of these men demonstrated an ability to prevail over their bosses and did things that made them look like they were the president instead of the Vice President. Alhaji Sam Sumana, throughout the five years, has remained loyal, submissive, supportive, highly disciplined and well focused on the bigger picture. He acted almost exactly like what the great Thinker, Og Mandino, once stated that “I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink into a grain of sand. Henceforth, will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all, and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy”!

Talking about consistency of purpose and a keen sense of resolve, President Koroma has proven, once again, that he usually does a better job under great pressure. The fight and serious opposition he faced before he became the APC Leader prior to the 2002 elections; the rampant armed robberies during his first three years in office; the opposition-provoked violence that rocked certain parts of the nation; the fight to demonstrate that he can champion the crusade to root the nation of endemic corruption; his effort to save a sinking nation during a global economic meltdown; and most recent, the sagacious manner in which he presided over the awarding of symbols for his party; and of course, the reappointment of Vice President Sumana as his Running-mate for this year’s presidential election, are all testaments to this enviable leadership quality of “Doing better under Pressure”! He has also demonstrated his firm commitment to keeping the fundamental and core values of the APC party in doing what is right for the party and the nation while putting individual sentiments and prejudices aside. The party, as always, is bigger than the presidency and President Koroma is humble enough to uphold those tenets. He shall forever be remembered as one of the greatest presidents that ever occupied the highest seat in our country. The APC family in the North America branch joins me in lauding President Koroma’s leadership acumen while we congratulate Vice President Sumana for his great sense of stability under provocation and under the greatest pressure imaginable! We shall all work to the finish line and set the pace for another five years of great prosperity for our deserving nation.

Brima Michael Turay, Asst. PRO; APC North America

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