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Mr. Idiot: Praise singers and money choppers

Mr. Idiot: Praise singers and money choppers

It has reached the Idiot that people who praise sing President Koroma are themselves hungry people.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

Remember though that ‘hardship’ codified ‘global’ has existed months after President Koroma’s taking over of governance in 2007.

Just as others, the Idiot remembers campaign promises of President Koroma and is feeling disappointed that Sierra Leone is yet to be called a paradise.

As an Idiot, allow me bring to reminiscence, one of President Koroma’s bountiful promises to Sierra Leoneans generally: “My people,” he said, “never again in the history of Sierra Leone will Freetown be called the darkest city in the world.”

As if not enough, he also told Sierra Leoneans that he will unfailingly make Sierra Leone a state of paradise.

Of the numerous promises of the President, only electricity and at least 3% of health related issues reflect the ordinary man.

Please don’t mind the Idiot anyway. He is in the habit of saying things he knows not about.

It is no surprise at all that the Idiot was the first to enjoy the pleasure of Presidency in the Association of Idiot.

Don’t be dismayed also that the Idiot has complained President Koroma to the AOI, but is yet to hear from them.

His complaint has to do with the unending hike of prices of basic commodities in the markets.

To the Idiot, things are hard for him and his family. Even when he knocks doors of the haves for help, nobody takes him sorry.

All they say is, “so Idiots also feel the hardship?”

But what about the number of support groups already formed. Why are politicians spending hundreds of millions on them yet could not fend for the poor and needy?

It is no secret anymore that rice is sold at Le 160,000 per bag and cooking ingredients at very expensive prices.

How do they expect people to survive the day? Please give an answer to Mr. Idiot’s question.

Some call me stupid Idiot, some retched Idiot and some useless Idiot, fine.

For it sounds odd that those who claim to be wise have failed to provide rice for Mr. Idiot and colleague at a cost recovery basis to enable them live a better life.

OK, the Idiot has been told that the Minister of Presidential Affairs has recently imported 2000 tons of rice from Guinea. He said the rice was received from the Guinea government on loan.

But according investigation, it has been revealed that the President of Guinea told his people that the rice he gave to Sierra Leone was just a kind gesture.

Who exactly is fooling who – Guinea or Sierra Leone? Time will tell.

No matter their condemnations, the Idiot, on number of times, has received accolades for checkmating and exposing conducts of failed politicians.

For your information rather, the Association of Idiots is said to have summoned ‘Di Pa’ to a meeting so that he can explain about the hardship in the country.

Would it surprise all that Praise Singers spends all of their time at State House almost every other day?

It is but a shock to the Idiot that the office of the President is becoming money depot for praise singers.

So, is it true that President Koroma is indeed world’s highest spending President?

No, the Idiot will virtually not subscribe to that at all.

For sure, people have been accusing President Koroma of over spending, but the Idiot is yet to prove that anyway.

Just last month, the Idiot was at State House where he held a meeting with his informants.

During the meeting, he allowed access to official information concerning the state of affairs of the country.

The Idiot was quick to reach at a report submitted by persons tasked to investigate the Kono shooting.

Reading through the report, he was quick to pick it up that the No.2 is deeply involved.

Less the Idiot forgets, he was told that ‘Yelibas’ food finders have been crying of hardship secretly, but at public forums will cheer up President Koroma.

And were also not newspapers reporting that President Koroma and President Obama held close door meeting in New York.

How about the outcome?

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  • That’s is all funny dirty politics. We will read and laugh at all articles posted to your opposition newspaper. But I can assure you that all over the world Politicians do campaign with their plans and promises and not only President Koroma. For example, Britain’s Nick Glegg promised low Universities fees during his long campaign tours but within his second month in office, he made his annoucement of high university fees of £9,000 to the disappointment of every voter in the UK and of course students who called for three big strikes all over Britain and this are our masters in democratic politics. What would you say about them?. Old boy, Politics is like destiny. You can’t predict anything. You can only work with codes from the almighty God even the layman in the bush knows that President Koroma is doing his best to improve our lives in this country but individuals like you are always on the warpath, propandizing our hard working President to the outside world just in the name of politics, “What a world” – enemies of progress. but I can assure you that what God has crowned, no one can curse. You can write, draw your cartoons etc. etc.till the end of times, We will always treat you and your coherts as our opposition group. You will never say good things about the A.P.C Government but no ill feelings from any of us as we are on track- take it or leave it. before I forgot. Have you heard about the demo. in down town New York business centre about (Nasdaq, FUTSE etc) The markets are not in favour with the world at large in terms of economics and Sierra Leone is not an exception. “Wuna blow pan Ernest”. Who do you want to take over Sierra Leone -Obama, Cameron, Sakhozey, Jammeh or Gadaffi. Old boy, Let us work together as a unit and build mama Sa. lone yah.

    3rd October 2011
  • Well, this sort of satire is what I call true journalism! The Idiot column is humorous. But behind that humor lies truth. Please keep it up, and continue to be as much independent as you can. What Sierra Leone really needs are truth-tellers, who are in very small supply!

    It’s silly to hear people start calling President Koroma as a God-chosen leader. If I were him, I would listen to the advice of one of Britain’s political theorists, John of Slisbury (c. 1115-1180) about the dangers of sycophants and the need to be wary of them.

    2nd October 2011

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