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Mr. Idiot – President’s Boys Curse Mr. Idiot

Mr. Idiot – President’s Boys Curse Mr. Idiot

My people, the Idiot has been attacked by cowards unknown to him.  Remember however that the Idiot, in his previous write up, cautioned society of the impact it has having police officers joining politicians unleash havoc in society.

And it was Mr. Idiot’s belief that President Koroma’s ‘on and on’ encouragements of ex-combatants as his bodyguards is seemingly demeaning to society.

It is so because there is an allegation that one of President Koroma’s bodyguards was recently arrested on allegation that he is involved in the recent Bo unrest.

Of course, the Idiot will not bother talk on that at all, but keep it for a latter date.

The Idiot is of the conviction that readers are wakefully aware of the fact that he is senselessly stupid and pays no concern to those calling him Stupid Idiot.

Dare you are. Aren’t persons reading through Mr. Idiot’s unintelligent write ups consider him a dimwitted folk? Yes, he is indeed a fool and must not be bordered at all.

Now, allow the Idiot publish verbatim the reaction of one President Koroma’s ‘defend collect’ ‘attack collect’ followers and see who, between the two (himself and Mr. Idiot) is truly an Idiot.

But before the Idiot inserts same though, permit the Idiot says to you that he was with President Koroma at the United Nations meeting and has tactfully documented comments he made during undisclosed meetings he had with number of responsible people in the U.S.

So calling the Idiot a stupid fool, and putting a curse on him makes no sense of whosoever may have used a pen name to do so at all.

Of course, and no mention at all, it is a fact that as an Idiot, I am shamelessly reckless, stupidly idiotic and dimwittedly senseless.

Less I forget, here is what the alleged spokesperson of President Koroma has to say against the Idiot:

Submitted on 2011/09/23 at 6:33 pm

Some of you are opportunists by having the privilege of calling this God sent President’s name in your mouths or even to write silly things about him.

Your political gimmicks are stupid and bias. so go to hell and take care of your thick skull. Do you think President Koroma to be a magician to lift the Sierra Leone economy overnight or is he President Obama with the largest economy in the world? Of course “NO”. This is just the odd feelings some of you good for nothing Guys have developed in your pot belly stomachs against this great leader. God will punish you enemies of progresss in our beloveth country.

As for the editor. Your title Mr. IDIOT is NATURALLY written all over your face. I reserve my comments but I can assure you, YOU will remain to be Mr.Idiot till doomsday.  And let me also remind you that the President has never heard about you, of course noticing your presence is a taboo. so do not imagine yourself to be recognised in this community. take your chance, keep posting your columns, you will always be disappointed.  Presidenk koroma is currently at the UN meeting the greatest men and women in the globe dinning with Obama and the first amongst the equals of the world and you with the “mama-put more cookery huts” talking “idiots”. Blood pressure will kill you soon, MR. IDIOT.”

The Idiot has neither added nor subtracted a word from comments of one of President Koroma’s hardliners at all.

Thank God, the Idiot has proved to that there are person more Idiots than he is.

To prove what the Idiot says, please take your time to read through trash written by a man who boorishly referred to him (Mr. Idiot) as opportunist and try to make your judgement about him.

I am sure you will all agree with the Idiot that even though people call him Stupid Idiot, he is far better than some who had catalogued themselves as the wise and uprights of society.

Nevertheless, the Idiot cares less of what people say about him. He is neither a politician nor a bootlicker or food finder as others, but rather an Idiot.

All the Idiot wants readers do, is tell him the truth to his face and not abuse him like followers of the President keeps doing.

A word for the wise is sufficient. Stop, stop and stop calling the Idiot stupid Idiot.


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