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Plot to blackmail Musa Tarawally exposed

Plot to blackmail Musa Tarawally exposed

Chernor Dumbuya popularly known as ‘People’s Honourable’ Tuesday 20th complained to Central Police that he was attacked by thugs of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon Musa Tarawally,  knowing same to be false.  (Photo: Hon Musa Tarawally)

He also alleged to the police that valuables including money and other items were stolen from him during the brawl.

Investigations carried out by this press reveal nevertheless that on that fateful day, Chernor Dumbuya was at Rawdon Street in the heart of Freetown and was seen parking his vehicle in a no parking zone.

The report further states that he was confronted by irate young men doing business at Rawdon Street and asked to remove his vehicle from where it was parked.

That he behaved arrogantly and was in fact using offensive words to the annoyance of the young men, and so was attacked and manhandled.

He was given a thorough beating and damage done to his vehicle.

A source at the Central Police Station also revealed to this press that it was due to the intervention of the Mayor of Freetown that Chernor was rescued from the multitude of attacking young men.

Facts have it that Chernor has been roaming the streets of Freetown telling people that it was the Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Tarawally who sent his thugs to beat him up.

It was credibly told also that Chernor is an undercover and paid up agent of mostly politicians to destroy the image of respectable public figures.

He is an uneducated young man, but pokes his nose into confidential discussions of politicians, high placed public officials etc.

In an interview with Minister Musa Tarawally, he expressed dismay over Chernor’s assertion and said it was completely untrue of him.

“Samura,” the Minister said, “it’s all a lie.”

“How can I send thugs to beat up a peaceful and law abiding person. It sounds quite suspicious or rather ridiculous anyhow,” he continued.

Facts have it though that Chernor who calls himself People’s Honourable is seemingly a blackmailer and a double tongue person.

He boasts being a friend of the President and therefore has the right to say or do things at will.

Even as we go to press, report reaching us reveals that the Mayor of Freetown has confirmed to the police that Chernor was beaten up by young men doing business around Rawdon Street.

By Ibrahim Samura

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  • Sierra Leone is not a JUNGLE state, we the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone are bound by the RULE OF LAW; nobody should take the law into his/her hands. The behavior of the young men doing business along Rawdon Sreet is wrong, despicable and criminal. It is jungle and or vigilante type justice. The POLICE should enforce the LAW, not a bunch of THUGS. Their action is despicable and criminal and should be arrested and prosecuted for assult. In an extreme case for example, you caught your wife having an affair with another man and you shoot or beat him to death or cause a bodily harm; you are criminally liable for his death or any bodily harm. Where ever JUNGLE or VIGILANTE JUSTICE is practiced tnat country is bound or heading for failure or self-destruction.

    26th September 2011

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