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Mr. Idiot: Army Chief – why sack Private Sidikie?

Mr. Idiot: Army Chief – why sack Private Sidikie?

Who sacked him? Why was he sacked? How was the trial conducted? All as asked above consequently identifies how high placed military officers submit to political dictates. (Photo: author)

“Yes Sir, I have done it as instructed Sir. That SLPP private soldier has been sacked Sir. I have wasted no time in making him surrender all that is the military to me Sir,” the voice of him that was instructed to sack Private Sidikie.

Well, Mr. Idiot’s flash beam has captured political conspiratorial conducts of the Army Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Yirrah Koroma and handful of officers to woefully sack poor private Sidikie.

Nobody, not even Di Pa dare challenges the cleverest Idiot of this land. Many have tried but pay exceedingly for their action.

Of course, it’s glaring that Idiots are Idiots just as politicians are politicians and soldiers soldiers. So, how dare you say that the Idiot is stupid and knows nothing about the military? Now tell me, are politicians the right to authoritatively cause the sacking of a soldier on allegation that he is a supporter of the opposition SLPP party?

And is the military operating just as junta regimes had done to the innocent. I am sure the truth about the sacking of private Sidikie has yielded fruit. The poor soldier was sacked without any trial at all.

Yes, it is true that soldiers should not involve into politics. But as a state security, it is incumbent of serving military officers/personnel to render security helping hand to society just as the sacked soldier had done.

And as an Idiot, I am a bit hesitant to say at ‘point blank’ that the military is bound by law to support the civil police on issues of internal security.

Mr. Army Chief sir, it is but compelling though that you provide reason(s) that leads to the sacking of SLA 1816- 7832 Alhaji Sidikie. Else, the Idiot will have no option but to expose your ineffectiveness. The Idiot’s attention has been drawn to disclosures from police officers assigned to the Sierra Leone law court.

The officers have uncompromisingly told the Idiot that the booting out ‘sacking’ of private Sidikie is somewhat a ‘practical’ and ‘wretched’ bully.

Be not perturbed at all Mr. Army Chief. Your practical boldness and bravado to sack a soldier who has served the Army for about 17 years has been harkened and would soon be revealed unrestrained – verbatim.

Though senseless, the Idiot has undercover uncooked information revealing how the Army Chief’s unjustified instruction to sack a soldier that has served the Army for a good 17 years was commandingly passed.

I know you will practically not take for serious what the Idiot is saying now. You will not because you are of the opinion that he is a senseless, brainless and unintelligently Idiot.

That he is in effect not able to break the ranks of Sierra Leone’s most secured Defence Ministry to collect useful information by means of maneuver.

You’ve failed your exams. Just yesterday, when all of you; I mean senior officers were away enjoying a relaxing weekend, the Idiot smartly walked through Defence Ministry, marched past the main gate, collected information and returned to his office cubicle at…  it is not your business to know where the cleverest Idiot works at all.

It was all successful for the Idiot anyway; all, including ceaseless political overindulgences of senior military officers have reached ears of the Idiot.

And to my faith as Idiot, I have vouched not to sleep nor bend my head down until suppressive conducts of disguised politicians in military uniforms are identified and weeded from within the ranks of the Army.

Now, interpret what the police at the Sierra Leone law court have to say to the Idiot of a type: “we feel pain for private Sidikie. He used to be our colleague and friend. On that faithful day, he was at his posting at the military monumental site adjacent the law court building,” they said.

“He was hungry and shared his feeling with us.  He was offered Le 2,000 which he used to secure a plate of food for himself. After food, he was on his way returning to his post when we asked him to help us control factions of SLPP supporters, who on the one hand jubilating for their party’s court victory and on the other hand trying to wreak havoc.”

“It is not true that he was with SLPP supporters jubilating victory over the ruling in the matter between the party and an executive member.”

So you see. Tell me Mr. Army Chief how dare you succumb to the dictates of politicians to sack a soldier of 17 years of military service?

You know what? Friends of the Idiot have had ceaseless moments calling him (Idiot) to congratulate him for questioning the legality of the undue sacking of Private Sidikie.

I am sure Major General Yirrah still has his mind tossing and turning over serialized military interventions: 1967, 1968, 1971, 1991, 1992, 1997 and 1999; all of which are dates that pictures political wrongness of Army officials.

The Idiot will not say anything to the rest, but rather handpick ‘1991’ as his topic of reflection.

That said, it is therefore no doubt that the rationale behind late Foday Sankoh’s unleashing of a senseless rebel war in Sierra Leone came as a result of how he was unjustly treated.

Of course, you might not want to listen to the preaching of an Idiot of a type, but to a certain extent accuse him of talking crass.

Remember though that Foday Sankoh took up arms because he was of the opinion that he was treated unjustly.

To this, rest reasons of Mr. Idiot’s restless campaign, calling on whosever that may have wrongly dismissed private Sidikie to reverse his/her decision and follow the right footing just as in laws of the military.

Again, it is with pleasure that the Idiot broadcast revelations of teasing conduct of an expired Army Chief who now spins with politicians to undermine and deflate efforts of the international community in the structuring, training and preparation of a good Sierra Leone military.

I salute you Sir, Prof. Chief of Defence Staff, but has Mr. Idiot’s unimpeded access to your office not a blow to you and handful of ‘men in arms’ deploying and parading corridors of what you refer to as ‘the CDS’ office.’

Anyway, that’s how I get things done.

Be it known though that the sacking of private Sidikie has raised wider alarm and it is against this that the gullible public, who suffers the repercussion of civil unrest have compelled the Idiot digs into the reality and uncompromisingly expose politic interferences into military practices and disciplines.

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