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SLPP to Forcefully Retire Supreme Court Judges, Military Officers From North-West  Very credible sources inside the Ministry of Defense and the Sierra Leone Judiciary have intimated Sierra Express

“Operation Pebu” was the code name of a project by the then government of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to provide accommodation for members of the Republic

Soldiers stationed in Pujehun Town, Southern Sierra Leone, are projecting a very positive image of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, (RSLAF) by displaying admirable decency, dedication

A senior military officer attached to the Sierra Leone ministry of defense has said that the recent threat by Al Qaeda link Somalia Islamist group Al Shabab does

Who sacked him? Why was he sacked? How was the trial conducted? All as asked above consequently identifies how high placed military officers submit to political dictates. (Photo:

A soldier of 17 years service, Tuesday 19th faced dismissal owing to assertions that he jubilated with SLPP supporters shortly after High Court’s submission of judgement in the

What?  Could this be true indeed that a soldier was recently dismissed on account of allegation that he was found jubilating SLPP’s high court ruling? Well, the Idiot was

A Corporal in the Sierra Leone Military contingent in Darfur, Sudan is reportedly killed after falling into ambush in the town of Nyala in Darfur, Sudan. Corporal Sheku Mansaray,