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Mister Idiot: his interview with Fox Radio (II)

Mister Idiot: his interview with Fox Radio (II)

DJ’s announcement: well, well, well, fellow citizens of this fifty years old country with false life and vague promises of the politicians, this time is full of consciousness. These days the people’s power questions the leadership for accountability. With these few comments I want to allow you listeners to get the second phase of this revealing interview with Mr. Idiot. But before we precede let me announce it to you that you can have a say in this program by sending a written comment to the Producer, Mr. Idiot and deposit at 13 Pademba Road in Freetown.

Fox: Now, Mr. Idiot, how would you compare the Mumu gof’ment of the Sell People’s Party to the vociferous gof’ment of the Horn People’s Congress?

Mr. Idiot: The Sell People’s Party was very careless and unsure of what and how to address the needs of the masses of this land. But honestly, they were up there with nation building efforts. Mark you they were academic giants. By that token they ensure that they bequeathed a good footing on which the succeeding system is just building on. But you know what, the Horn People’s Congress are blessed with a squad of talkative… and as the saying goes – great talkative are great liars…

Fox: let’s don’t get the people confused here with these axioms, you seem to be speaking in riddles and the fact remains we are all idiots, – what pseudonyms are these?

Mr. Idiot: Ah ha…there you are. The Sell People’s Party is those who would not listen to the outcries of the masses of this land. Remember, during their tenure the masses of this land were crying for food and many life amenities…

What they did was, – throwing out rice on floor for the masses to pick, I mean that was callous minded of them. Their action then indicated a clear sell out as the case may be. And as if to insult the intelligence of the masses of the land, the president then promised: “…by 2007, No Sierra Leonean would go to bed hungry…” You see this used to be the ongoing scenarios.

The Horn People’s Congress on the other hand is those who would customize necromancy and rituals at the house of state, – showcasing totems such as Matomas, and Ariogbos in the country’s cultural blue print.

They are those who would strike the course of horns and juju bottles to trigger a raping spree in a broad daylight on women of the main opposition of the land. They are the ones a newspaper would caricature their leadership with a cartoon of two horns on his head denoting the erratic behaviour change concept he brought about that is very similar to a diminutive of a lower animal with two horns, a lower class indeed!(Mechanical failure, gbasshhh……)

DJ Fox: (announcing), we are sorry for the itches on the airwaves. You know, some miscreants made the attempt to interweave our transmission line, but don’t mind them they knew little that we are the very first to operate on a fiber optic cable connection that allow our network to be accessed on both Short Waves, (SW) and Middle Waves (MW) Frequency Modulations (FM).

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