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Mister Idiot: His interview with Fox Radio

Mister Idiot: His interview with Fox Radio

Interestingly, we have today as our guest in this hard-fact show, a veteran folk in the media terrain called Mr. Idiot.  If you are just tuning, this is Fox Radio FM1.00, the one in town pirate Radio Station that has no copyright law.  In fact this radio is saying: “libel is anti idiots’ law,” – loved only by those cocoons of politicians with the muscles to fiend Journalists.  Fellow citizens, I’ll take you through this revealing interview:

Fox: You are Mr. Idiot, right?

Mr. Idiot: sure, you’re quite right.

Fox: now, you tell me, are you as idiot as an idiot?

Mr. Idiot: well, an idiot is twice as wise as a clever fool.

Fox: You must be impish in this sense…

Mr. Idiot: No not, I’m not a miscreant, and neither a misnomer…you guess what, I’m a patriot. Let me tell you something, DJ Fox, every citizen of this land is misunderstood as idiot by the politicians, better still the upper-class elites. You know there’s this idiocy all around the circles…but nar God know the moongoo… (Intercepted)

Fox: I supposed an idiot is a person so weak-minded that he’s incapable of rational conduct…I mean; you look so acute and mindful enough.

Mr. Idiot: Our rationality as citizens is made absurd. I mean that’s what the ruling class takes us for. To be candid with you, I would not imagine how in the face of all accurate assurances – the night long on former UN radio by the ‘liberator’ during the 2007 elections eve of transforming Sierra Leone a haven of bliss, could resort to a bastardized calumny.

You know, Fox, the whole situation is becoming absurd. On the global credit crunch our liberator’s excuse was, “we don’t make money as businessmen and women, on inflation – he said our home produce is lethal due to the fact that the youths’ influx of the city is derailing the country’s mass production course.  On subsidies, – they say they can’t continue with it as 2012 is just around the corner to takeover the campaign blues.

But look here Fox, this is very serious, poor ravaged Ivory Coast with the aftermath of a disputed election have just came out of it. The President, Hemo Alhasan Ouattara has just subsidized – guess what?  He went borrowing from the IMF’s World Bank a paltry sum of $22 million to raise his country from its cleave of civil war cataclysm, he did not stop there, he assured all investment companies of a tax waiver for the next three to five years all in a bid to enhance their replenishment having lost values during the strife.

Fox: it takes not just a man to take such a brilliant stance but a patriot with a development oriented mind…

Mr. Idiot: Oh dear me …Fox you know what, if this country must develop, we have to pick the chaff from the corn, the husk from the rice…

Fox: well, well, fellow citizens I know you must have enjoyed that nice package, remember this interview with Mr. Idiot is brought to you by DJ Fox on the pirate Radio FM 1.00 in Freetown.

Let’s lean back and listen to these double tracks, this one from Daddy Ryhmes, Everything Nar Double Double and Yesterday Better Pas Tiday – done for us by Emerson Bockarie.

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