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Unfinished business means old business. Sometimes we leave relationships with hurt, hate and pain, we seem to let go, but still subconsciously cling to these factors that blighted

Sunday 26th September witnessed Zain Sierra Leone’s participation in cleaning of communities along Lumley Beach; a thing they say was the company’s vision to have hygienic and

Exchanging text messages across Sierra Leone and beyond has been made easier following the successful reduction of tariff on both data and voice calls through Zain’s Fambul Tariff.

In several parts of the world, particularly Oceanic and African countries, the risk of becoming infected with HIV is disproportionate for young girls and women compared to boys

Zain Sierra Leone over the years has proven to be a world class telecommunications company and as a result has continually made the world of communication a wonderful

Telecommunication has often been described as the “infrastructure of infrastructures and the live wire of emerging economies”. It comes to one as a surprise that Zain Sierra Leone,

With Zain Mobile Internet I am connected to Facebook and the World Wide Web! (say’s excited an Zain’s Youth Club member) Zain Sierra Leone, the leading and most innovative

Zain Sierra Leone, current market leaders in modern mobile telecommunications nationwide, made another significant history by reducing its tariff by 32% as a way of creating a wonderful

When one mentions Zain several words come to mind like dedicated, loyal, caring, passionate and simply the best. To add to all these depictions and more, Zain has