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I’m Sweetly Glad

I’m Sweetly Glad

I’m sweetly glad you’ve joined the merry band
Of the “over fifties” young and brave;
So in this glorious liberated land,
You’ve fine experiences gained
That crave; for betterment untamed
We’ll grow stronger in leaps and bounds
That’s why I’m sweetly glad.

 The West’ll yet repent the havoc played in countries miles so far

The bitterness that still remains the colour of that skin.
And we shall proudly bare it all, that good old chocolate film
That covers e’en the pride we own, that dark old chocolate skin;
That bore the strokes that split and made our blood flow free,
‘Tis over now; our freedom we’ve gained
So good old Bill is helpless now
We must be sweetly glad for the triumphs we’ve gained. 
I’m sweetly glad that yester years have passed
And Salone’s still afloat
And e’en though in strife we’ve conquered all,
The bitterness that made us moan,
We’ve yet to rid disunity, that renders nations dead,
Yet, we’re not alone
We must rejoice for time has healed the wounds,
At fifty we’re still young,   
And time is yet to come
When Salone shall stand so firm; the World shall recognise
Our firm resolves and we shall overcome,
For this I’m sweetly glad.
I’m sweetly glad those ties that bind and reconcile our rifts,
Strengthening the bonds which makes us strong
Alas! we’ll ne’er go wrong
For fifty years through toil and sweat and agony within,
We’ll raise that flag and sing that song
‘Cause High we Exalt Thee’ reigns!
And Oh what clever folks we’ve had
In the Fyle and Akar duo
Who for the Anthem of the Braves shall ne’er our shores depart
So now I know I’m sweetly glad our heroes never die.

 I’m sweetly glad its over now and all is well and sweet.

That we may look back and learn from the ugliness inspired
By the greedy, reckless havoc causing minds
That brought Salone to her knees;
They rebelled and throttled innocent ones,
Yet they claim to be our sons
Accursed be those who fail to see the wrongs they’ve always done
In bringing a nation to her knees in war and strife and pain
I’m sweetly glad its over now and we’re in the right lane.

I’m sweetly glad the Anthem of the Braves

Shall sound in mountains high
And rivers deep shall join the throng to echo in our song
‘The Anthem of the braves’
So millions yet will sing our song in voices loud and high
And “High We Exalt Thee”, Land of the free
Shall be blessed with peace and joy
To make us sweetly glad.

We’re sweetly glad the tide has turned, our ship moves safely on;

No slaves to batter to the west for guns that shoot us dead
So Sembeh Piere’s  remembered well; his stubbornness paid well
He made us proud and tall, and Bai Bureh is hailed from on high
He made our foes jump high;
Yet we adore the graciousness Mammy Yoko displayed,
For this I’m sweetly glad.

Oh Sierra Leone you’re fifty now, I wonder what aches and pains

Bled you to the corner when you where in pain
Yet ‘Mother Earth’ won’t let you die though you were in the wrong lane
Tighten your belts regain your strides
The race is won, the years of calm and joy are still ahead
So all our heroes dead and alive shall join in harmony
To sing our ‘Happy Birthday’ song
And  we’ll all be sweetly glad.

Now that our ‘SHIP’ is captained well,

The Lord has given His gracious gift
To Salone on Her fiftieth year;   
That our children may boastfully tell
Our past struggles far and near;
And all patriotic folks shall say,
“Sweet Salone” is blessed indeed.
And we’ll go ever forward now;
To be ever sweetly glad.
That’s why I’m so sweetly glad.

By Belindus Bascho-George 

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