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My prayer for Sierra Leone

My prayer for Sierra Leone

God of mercy, love and compassion, as we make our supplications to you in absolute contrition, we ask for your forgiveness for all our sins and meekly pray that you bless our beloved Sierra Leone. Strengthen all public servants in their different capacities and remove obduracy, greed, corrupt practices and self-centredness from their minds.

We pray especially for our Presidents that you may direct their thoughts to everything that may guide their leadership to enhance our nation and direct them; to govern all our people; enhance their resolve to focus on developments that would carry our nation forward and give them the wisdom to control all those they appoint and approve in positions of trust and responsibility especially their Ministers of State, our Mayors, Paramount Chiefs, District Officers, and all Permanent Secretaries. Guide our teachers, doctors, nurses and all members of our Armed Forces; Heavenly Father, sustain order and dedication and dignity especially in the Sierra Leone Police Force and restore the decency in our officers, to serve their various communities without bribery and corruption. We pray for order and reasoning in our Army Troops; Chasten the minds of our politicians, bless the efforts of our farmers and sustain our agricultural endeavours that we may feed our nation, bless those in superior authority with satisfied minds and make them realise that they are servants of and to the nation, to guide, control and support the Government of the day irrespective of their political colours.

We beseech you to guide our Judiciary officials and its Head that you may grant all within our Courts the will to be fair, honest, and true especially to the poor, so that justice is dispensed without favours and in the quickness of time; in the hope that true justice may always reign. Heavenly Father in your unending tender mercies, hasten justice in all our courts and decision making Tribunals remove the concept of calculated deliberate delays by unscrupulous officials that justice delayed may not affect the less fortunate; so that true justice may never be denied. 

Purge the entire nation with the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for all mankind on Calvary, infuse into all Sierra Leoneans steadfastness, the spirit of togetherness, forethought, understanding and love but above all Gracious Father, change our attitudes that we may move from the evils of the past and nurture a newness of ways that may sustain love for our nation and for each other.

Father, we pray for a oneness of mind that would steer us away from the horrors of war, the disunity that separates brothers and sisters, the greed that motivates corrupt practices and remove from us the die-hard habits that would make us reject Godly changes. We pray for our unemployed that they may look at life with hope and persevere to achieve through toil the sweetness of being Sierra Leoneans that in time they may realise the rewards of patience and dedication. Instil in our minds the goodness of patriotism as against supporting things that are alien and nation-wrecking.

Heavenly Father, you are the healer of all diseases but bless all Sierra Leoneans with the ability to cure the ills of our nation. As our country moves on in progress, help us to grow in our dedication to our various duties and make us think of others rather than ourselves that we as a bonded people in love and harmony, may continue the tasks of nation building.

Lord in your infinite mercies we implore you to castrate our minds and build in us the patience of your son Job the wisdom of Solomon and the love of your Son Jesus Christ so that as we stand on Your promise, we your children shall march onto our own promise land; our “New Sierra Leone” that we will ever go forward in unity, love and understanding to the glory of your Holy name. Obliterate tribalism, nepotism and inadvertent corruption from within us and bind our tribes together in love, unity and peace.

Grant our professionals in high offices the will to promote good practices in our nation and through this prayer, we accept the blessings You have bestowed on them, that they may move us by their realistic devotion to this nation’s infinite stability. Instil in them fortitude, dedication, foresight and patriotism that their efforts are always focussed on the Nation’s progress; steer our finances to benefit our people and not a greedy few, that we may return to being admired by other nations. Restore our country’s educational pride that we may return to our past achievements and literary honour; regaining our crown as the “Athens of Africa”.    

Accept this prayer Heavenly Father and may your mercies never cease to uphold our blessed Sierra Leone through your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


By Belindus Bascho-George

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