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Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell

Ancestral palm tree was a vital trademark of health:
Multi-produce, Salone’s hope, desired monetary bliss,
Nurturing and blooming this organic as timeless age:
Wine taper harvests palm wine and succulent fruit,
Palm leaves produce brooms, while nuts provide oil.
Biblical metaphor – palm branch’s insignia of peace:
Fruit’s chaff feed animals and equally used as a fuel,
The complex palm tree was our enviable providence.
Ingenious mettle: poly-tricks would herald disrepute?
Oh blatantly the ignoble farmer’s heart grew tainted!
Let conscience speak and secret tale would exhale,
Like smoke that thrust upward with a solemn prayer.
Palm oil elevates blood pressure, the doctor’s advice.
Amid emotion I devoured palm oil cuisine voraciously.
So apprehensive of the palm tree’s latent worthiness.
Is it the tiller or nature that has crafted this mutation?
More questions than answers flood poet’s cerebrum
But, would this aging, dreaded palm tree regenerate?
Like serpent’s head the venom transfuses peril on us,
My hand shakes as leaf, glued onto chin: as sobbing
Tears shower murky-granite-face, and wrinkled-laden.
I’ve expended thought vicariously? – Only time will tell.

 Roland Bankole Marke © 2012

Roland Bankole Marke (in photo)  is the deputy editor of The Patriotic Vanguard and a widely published author and freelance writer around the world.

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