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Where were You, De Pa?   Where were you when Mama Salone was bleeding because she was politically, economically and socially raped by your predecessors who knew nothing but making fool of the

I cross the bridge, there's no more sorrow Across the bridge, there's more tomorrow I cross the bridge, traversing the river flow Across the bridge, a tear drop, sinks below

Ancestral palm tree was a vital trademark of health: Multi-produce, Salone’s hope, desired monetary bliss, Nurturing and blooming this organic as timeless age: Wine taper harvests palm wine and succulent fruit, Palm

I’m delighted, if not enchanted, when a Sierra Leonean ventures into the literary realm, and Dr. Louis Bankole Jones’ maiden slim collection of poems: ‘Over The Years’ is

Jusu Jaka Yawmah (in photo), a Sierra Leonean living in Ghana, and one of the country’s most young talented poets has illuminated his brilliance once more by sharing

Fifty years ago, a beautiful wind of change swept across the West Coast of Africa and brought forth our independence Fifty years today, a great many still question its

I’m sweetly glad you’ve joined the merry bandOf the “over fifties” young and brave;So in this glorious liberated land,You’ve fine experiences gainedThat crave; for betterment untamedWe’ll grow stronger

Anyway,  Anyhow, Anytime stride on, Strive to be the Master of your strides Mastery germinates, Grow; Yields the Fruit of success! Be the Actor! Less the Acted, listening

Baked by Mr. Sun Beaten by Mrs. Rain Spat upon by passersby Spoken about in history books I’m still here Dressed by Grandpa Green Dressed by