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Get onto it! (Dedicated to my land and its people: Sierra Leone @ 50!)

Get onto it! (Dedicated to my land and its people: Sierra Leone @ 50!)

Anyway,  Anyhow, Anytime stride on,
Strive to be the Master of your strides
Mastery germinates, Grow; Yields the Fruit of success!

Be the Actor! Less the Acted, listening to the inner voices,
Play the music of the inner most of inner souls, listen to yourself!

Listen to that inner voice, do it the way it wants you to
It is all that matters; Express the God in you, Assert your presence,
Leave a footprint on the sands of time, in this one all passage here!

Assert your Presence, Assert yourself always !
Unknown ? yet important;  known ?  Equally important!
Always push your boundaries, look over your horizons,
Explore and implore whilst staying POSITIVE !

Release, Release the Powers of your inner self, That Mind!
Emancipate from MENTAL SLAVERY, Be positive, think positive at all times!
Live above and Beyond that game of mind control,
That FEAR FACTOR, the factor of your very demise,
Use Eons gone by, still in use by a few whom your fear made strong!

Always pick a fight, win them but do not get physical,
For life is all about winning one battle for another to show up,
Turning, gyrating is the wheel of time; Down today , up tomorrow,
Processes of battles won and lost; Progress ! The Fruit of such a battle,
Gentility another name for tact, tenacity , temerity and honest to self and others!

Use your time in good deeds;use it wisely and battles you’re sure to win,
Remember! Patience, Perseverance and Probity,
Commit yourself totally in all you do, Above all keep the faith and be of good courage!
In yourself is that magic, mystic called progress if you will it; not you’re sure to perish
Always keep a clear focus and definite field of vision,
Non but yourself can make it happen; Nothing tired ,nothing gained!

Be at peace with yourself and with others; it can be odd, cumbersome and hopeless at times!
Screwed up? Don’t give up; Lied to ?  don’t give up!
Licked and kicked ? don’t flinch! Stay focused, stay on course, Stay POSITIVE!
Always there will be, always there shall be, always there must be,
Crucibles of life to meet, challenge and conquer; For you’re but a conqueror,
Demi god, a soul in the image and likeness of the Absolute with a power of mind over matter!

Take a break when you need to, don’t break up in your needs to,
Pause for a while if you need to, don’t get lost in the whimsical businesses of life!
In every step you take, CELEBRATE!  Celebrate Humanity and yourself,
For it is all you have and what you are; Imagine yourself for what you are,
Be yourself, distinct, special, gifted, potent full of life ; for once use that life,
The power of the creative, OF MIND OVER MATTER

Wake up, Wake up,  Wake Up , Wake Up , Wake up now!
Out of that slumber Off with that slumber
Only you can do what it takes, how it takes and when it takes to be what you want to be!
For all happens when it is willed and acted on; stop the wishing and start the pushing!
Act now and stop that crying,  fussing and fighting;
There will always be something to cry,  fuss and fight over!

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria

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