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Platonic Friendship: What’s it like?

Platonic Friendship: What’s it like?

mailEddie Murphy a popular actor and comedian used to run a comedy show that poked fun at platonic friends. He claimed that there was no such thing as a platonic friend. That sure got couples worrying over what their partners did with their friends especially different gender and honestly it got me quite heated up too. It got me wondering what they got up to when they had a friend’s night out or time together. They say it’s just a friend but is there more to it than mere friendship? This is what got the lot of us worried.

When you enter into a new relationship, your partner is bound to introduce people to you. He’ll call them his ‘friends’. Out rightly some of them may hold you in contempt and try to belittle you. No matter how hard you may try to let them see that you mean well they refuse to accept you. In all my dealings with words I’ve come across quite a few that describe the term friendship. Friend means pal, buddy, a close relation, someone that cares etc. Notice there is no mention of lover, spouse, or…

Sure your partner may love you and may try his best to get his friends to love you too but only to actually make things worse. The tension between you and his female friends / her male friends is bound to spark off a negative energy and sooner or later you’ll hang out with your friends leaving your partner behind. On an understanding level I understand, but why would she be calling you at three in the morning? Sorry I don’t understand that.

This certainly does not speak well for one’s confidence and leaves one feeling hurt and small not matter how hard one may try. Unfortunately your partner may not really understand why you are ‘acting up’ and may even grow jealous at your ‘petty jealousy.’

That is not mere petty jealousy Reader. It’s called sixth sense- instinct…

We all can tell when something is not right and our instincts never lie.

I am so tuned in to my partner that whenever he does something that he shouldn’t be doing it just dawns on me that something is wrong somewhere, not that I am a soothsayer, its just the sixth sense. It might sound freaky but trust me Reader I’ve always been right and you know you can be right too.

Speaking to several guys, they claim that indeed there’s no such thing as a platonic relationship between one and the opposite sex, nothing like mere friendship.

They are open to advances from friends and may indulge into hazy things without a second thought. Most actually find their friends sexy and won’t mind a ‘piece of the action or the pie’. Yet, most claim that they would never have a steady relationship with such friends. “They are friends,” was the reply I got from guys whose faces mirrored shock and incredulity at such a thought and just could not relinquish the thought of having a taste of such momentous moment.

Well like I understand it, the rules of engagement have been broken. You cannot claim to be friends with someone you have sex with. That may seem modern but I don’t honestly see how that works with the apparent rays of sincerity and fidelity one would like to advance and yet stick to such oblivious things. What happens to your respect? Your ‘friendship’ is bound to suffer as you like it or not jealousy and envy will crop in and your actual relationship with your partner will just be a lie, a virtual case of pretence and pain.

As old-fashioned as I am, I believe in platonic friendships. Why call him a friend if you’re sleeping with him? Why not face the music, the full meaning of what you are engaged in, don’t call it friendship because its not. In that situation you call him/her a lover.

The thought of sleeping with a friend just disgusts me because in life there are rules and boundaries. Once you cross those rules and boundaries you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected and most times unwanted. One cannot have one’s cake and eat it.

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