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The need to reserve the future of our children

The need to reserve the future of our children

In a century where geniuses are being born, minds have evolved and the fast pace that life puts us through, most often than not, we forget about the future and just try to survive the present and hope for better in the future; sure most people do think about their future but sadly don’t really act and make their future; in this context the future means children.

In a country like Sierra Leone with all the laws being passed to limit or stop child abuse and to maintain the rights of the ‘future,’ it seems to be a very difficult task to respect those laws.

It’s sad that children are ostracized from society and deprived of their rights. “When today’s gone tomorrow comes.” Simply put, as adults we are today but tomorrow belongs to the children of today.

What do we leave them to deal with? How do we help make better country hence better lives for everyone?

It comes to one as a shock to realize that kids are failing woefully and about 40% the ‘future’ are not in learning institutions.

Kids that should be groomed and trained to face the future and address the present can be seen mostly on the streets hawking. As kids we all had big dreams of being a doctor, a pilot, and even president. Fortunately some of us made it and others are still trying.

For kids like these the dream exists but seems far to reach. It’s amazing to know that kids in the 21st century are so smart and there is a great potential in them to be somebody.

Education is the key to success. If only these smart minds could be tapped and upgraded then we most certainly have something to look forward to.

It’s bad that most people cannot afford to visit a doctor in Sierra Leone but what’s even worse is the fact that kids suffer greatly. Our ‘future’ dies everyday and with them goes our hopes, our visions.

It is our duty to preserve the future of our children. Helping to keep them healthy is a great step to achieving this. Some might complain that they can’t afford to have a doctor but one must be prepared one way or the other to face life’s challenges.

Before a child is being brought into the world preparations must have been made and a sense of responsibility must be present.

Nowadays kids are bearing kids. What does this speak of? As humans we are not perfect but when it comes to our ‘future’ we MUST do our best to try to make that ‘future’ a positive one. We must be willing to set the path of change and hence help bring in the wind of change.

Children look up to adults for inspiration and as adults if the foundation that our lives are built on is dysfunctional then our kids have the tendency of being dysfunctional too. This does not bode well for the future as presently even though we’re striving for change our little progress is not anything much to write home about.

With social hazards like prostitution on the rampage, our future suffers mostly swept up in their need for escapism.

Kids seem to be gong down the same if not worse lane that we are trying to deviate from. It’s certainly a great cause for concern. What do we live for if not for our children? What do we live for if not for tomorrow – the future?

We must try to set a path that our children can follow positively not a path that would lead to total self-destruction. When we are gone we still live, in our children. One must try at all costs to preserve the future of children as without them there’s no us.

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