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She Said, They Said, You Say …

She Said, They Said, You Say …

mailWhen it comes to relationships, whether we like it or not, outsiders will always have an opinion on how the relationship is going and even estimate its value in terms of wealth, commitment, public appearance and presentation. People like this don’t really care expressing their views and don’t give a hoot if it gets back to the unfortunate couple being discussed; rather they relish putting the relationship in perspective.

Simply said people who nose around in peoples’ business have no real chance of securing a good relationship; they just do it because it’s their game, their hobby. To enter into a relationship; a sensible person must take time to study his/her partner and evaluate one’s life.

So it’s only honest to say that people like these do not have a good chance of securing a good partner because with all the daily life trials we find out that we don’t really have time for much. So for foolish people like these they use up quality and precious time to gossip and find cracks on other people’s relationships.

No relationship can be perfect, yet those that are not in one think it should be all rosy and beautiful. If it is rosy and beautiful they expect it to be a sham and try all they possibly can verbally to destroy a couple’s relationship.

Simply put people like these are just sad and pathetic. Sure we all talk about other couple, but to make it into a documentary? Get a grip because it really means that you need to get a life.

But it’s a sad thing when these foolish people think they are destroying one’s happiness not knowing that it only reflects back on them. Reader, what is even sadder is when a happy relationship goes sour because of all the poison that these Evil Sayers spew out for incomprehensible reasons. In relationships, mainly women are nurturers and so will try no matter what to make the relationship work.

She might hear a few nasty things being said about herself or the partner concerning their relationship but if she is strong and trusts herself and her man she will not let anything like rumors deter her from loving him. They say that for every lie told there’s got to be at least a percentage of truth in it, but Dear Reader why believe others when you can believe your man? Trust me, getting mad over rumors though a natural thing is only going to make things worse in your relationship ultimately securing your enemy’s winning goal. There’s nothing much to it that’s just it.

In situations like these men are more prone to believing such rumors and often find themselves in vulnerable spots. Why concern yourself with negative people when you can be working to make your relationship a very positive one? Some people cannot bear criticism and fall at the slightest sneer or mockery. In such a wicked world as the one we live in people will always try to get you down but believing in yourself can make a whole lot of difference. “Love is the very essence of loving one’s self.” If you love yourself and love your relationship, it makes you happy, why sadden yourself by towing the line with someone who wants you hurt?

When you appreciate and love yourself, then you can love without hating hence emerge winner over all the haters?

Do not base your relationship on ‘she said, he said, they said’ because a relationship is about two people; not the third party. All others come secondary. They may think they know and see all but Reader but they can never KNOW like you because you are your relationship and who better to know than you?

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