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President’s Brothers, Bad Contractors – Sylvanus & Thomas should quit government contracts

President’s Brothers, Bad Contractors – Sylvanus & Thomas should quit government contracts

The President’s brothers (Sylvanus Koroma and Thomas Koroma) on a number of occasions have created embarrassment for the President.  (Photo:  l-r Sylvanus Koroma, Thomas Koroma, brothers of President Ernest Bai Koroma)

As of 2010, Sylvanus Koroma aka ‘What A Man’ was seen climbing  the steps leading to the offices of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), to make a complaint on the officials of the Defence Ministry on his company being rejected for the Army rice contract – but rather give it to African Sunshine.

To the dismay of African Sunshine, the rice contract awarded to them was unexpectedly withdrawn and passed onto the company of President Koroma’s brother, Sierra Commodities.

Sometime last year, top officials of the Ministry of Defence were invited by the ACC on account of a complaint from the brother of President Koroma.

Credible revelations state how the Defence Minister, on a number of occasions (some say 12), unwillingly climbed the steps of the ACC to answer to humiliating questions on account of the contract the Ministry refused the President’s brother.

Director General, Mani Koroma, 60 good times confronted the ACC investigators to answer to unnecessary and pointless questions concerning complaints reported against the Defence Ministry by the President’s brother Sylvanus ‘What A Man’ Koroma.

However, while the ACC was intimidating Defence officials, persons assigned to the Office of National Procurement on the other hand, were busy stage-managing the disapproval of African Sunshine as the rightful Army rice contractor.

The surprise came shortly after a release was put out by officials of the Office of National Procurement, judgmentally disapproving African Sunshine as the rightful Army rice contractor in favour of Sierra Commodities; a company owned by President Koroma’s younger brother.

Sparkling disclosures say ‘Sierra Commodities Company’ has had field days, receiving loans here and there from the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank – fita fata one.

Sources say the company (Sierra Commodities) is bankrupt and practically depends on loans to boost its operation in the supply of rice to the Army.

Comparatively, African Sunshine which used to supply the Army, we are told, do have swelled up accounts at respective Banks to fund the importation and regular supply of rice to the membership of the Sierra Leone Army.

Of course, corners, highways, streets, off roads, offices and business places have had baffling and pissed off moments, questioning the unwarranted withdrawal of the Army rice contract from African Sunshine to Sierra Commodities which practically has no account, but relies on Commercial Bank for credit.

Despite the fact that Sylvanus keeps infiltrating government offices for contracts, another brother of the President, Thomas Koroma, is on the other hand involved in menacingly securing contracts from the National Revenue Authority (NRA).

The involvement of Thomas Koroma into government contracts saw quarrel between him and the then NRA Commissioner General, Allieu Sesay.

The battle came hot just when he (Thomas Koroma) took the witness box to submit evidence against the NRA CG, Allieu Sesay, who in 2010, was investigated, suspended and charged to the court for corruption.

Shaming to President Koroma though, is his brother’s testimonies at the court as a witness of fact, in which he grudgingly showered uncooked revelations connecting and incriminating the suspended NRA CG on allegations of corruption overindulgence.

Upon testimonies put forward, it was understood that Thomas’ revelations depict that he was one of NRA’s contractors, but fell short of the then CG’s expectations – accused person.

Though mindful of the court’s restrictions, and not imperfectly wanting to pre-empt the court’s assessment of Thomas Koroma’s testimony, it is glaring obvious that the President’s brothers, sisters and close relatives take advantage of their political postures/positions in the enhancement of government contracts.

It is no secret that President Koroma commands international respectability.

It seems scary that the brothers, sisters and close relatives of President Koroma, if not cautioned, might bring a bad name to society in the eyes of the international communities.

Was it not President Koroma who told this nation that he will not provide any safe asylum for anyone not even members of his family?

And was it not he (the President) who proclaimed ‘zero tolerance on corruption;’ a doctrine he said he will embrace all the days of his term; so as to bring hope to Sierra Leoneans and tell the world he is up to the task?

No wonder people say Sylvanus Koroma has had stakes (shares) at respective companies in Sierra Leone- “nar dreg man turn money man so ya!”

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