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The President’s brothers (Sylvanus Koroma and Thomas Koroma) on a number of occasions have created embarrassment for the President.  (Photo:  l-r Sylvanus Koroma, Thomas Koroma, brothers of President

Real time revelations of tax and duty waiver in respect of Harmony Trading Company, explain how David O. Carew, then Minister of Finance and Development, authorized erstwhile NRA

Rice supplies, as was ordered by President Koroma, has caused soldiers to go discontented not having a seed for almost three months now. Soldiers at Wilberforce Barracks had called

The Director General of Defense, Mani Koroma, last week faced a team of Anti Corruption Investigators to answer to allegations connecting misgivings on the supply of rice supply

The front pages of newspapers have been congested with woes of very big lies; saying that the award of the Army rice contract was influenced and badly done