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The President’s brothers (Sylvanus Koroma and Thomas Koroma) on a number of occasions have created embarrassment for the President.  (Photo:  l-r Sylvanus Koroma, Thomas Koroma, brothers of President

Real time revelations of tax and duty waiver in respect of Harmony Trading Company, explain how David O. Carew, then Minister of Finance and Development, authorized erstwhile NRA

Lips of Sierra Leoneans went confused when it was revealed that ‘Harmony Company’ owed the Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority (NRA) USD 1.5 M.  (Photo:  Junior Koroma) ‘Harmony Company,’

‘Harmony Company’ which recently metamorphosed into ‘Sierra Commodity Company’ owed the National Revenue Authority USD 1.5 M.  (Photo:  Junior Koroma) While we authoritatively questioned the lethargy of senior officials

Not too long ago, the opposition leader, Mr. John Benjamin wrote a very concise and matter of fact letter to President Ernest Koroma on various issues bordering on

If silence means consent, then President of the Republic of Sierra Leone is as guilty as charged in the series of corrupt cases that have been levied on