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As you are reading this commentary there is a serious war raging at the offices of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority (SLRTA) across the country, especially at

Red raw disclosure of conduct of the Ministry of Energy and Power has caught fire in the confused mind of the Minister of Energy and Power Prof. Ogunlade

The President’s brothers (Sylvanus Koroma and Thomas Koroma) on a number of occasions have created embarrassment for the President.  (Photo:  l-r Sylvanus Koroma, Thomas Koroma, brothers of President

President Koroma’s authorization for the supply of take home rice to serving soldiers seemed to cast aspersion of a ‘hoax’ in the creation and enhancement of the company

Rice supplies, as was ordered by President Koroma, has caused soldiers to go discontented not having a seed for almost three months now. Soldiers at Wilberforce Barracks had called