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Rape and its effect on children

Rape and its effect on children

Rape, as tagged in law books all over, is unexciting and makes no good to society generally.

In Sierra Leone, to be specific, homes of the uninformed and uneducated experience rampant and uncontrolled incidences of rape by ruthless and thoughtless hooligans of society.

Even the rich and enlightened infiltrate homes of the poor and vulnerable to do dirty games with girl children.

Conversely, some girls make abrupt leave of their homes and are seen in reckless and senseless street trips, meddling and mingling with bad boys, who, in the end ravish them.

Irrespective of concerns and human efforts by respectable organizations, in Sierra Leone, rape continues to rise unchecked.

It is so because organizations responsible for the apprehension and punishment of perpetrators seemed to be not doing their duty to reflect national concern.

A case to mention is the police.  Being the arm selected to arrest and prosecute rape offenders; it should be seen carrying out rigorous and punishable measures against offenders of society rather than receiving monies from them and make them get free lunch.

No matter what society may say, rape is indeed a menace and must be prevented forcefully.

Of course, court officials must be guided by the laws of this country; follow its interpretations and slam punishment as tagged.

It begs the question: why are adults going for the under-aged, ravish them and make them suffer stigma all the days of their lives?

It is, and of course, in the United Nations declaration for human rights charter that a child is from age 0-18.

The straight talk is that responsible individuals of society have had their hands in the raping of future female folks of society thus inflicting everlasting stigma on them.

To this I now ask that government revisit laws as explained in the good books and ensure that perpetrators of rape do not go unpunished.

It is no secret, but hard fact that many of our female folks have their parents forced them into marriages at premature age.

This also contributes to early and unwarranted marriages, early pregnancies and frequent deaths.

It is government’s duty to exert watchdog control over its citizens and allow the law to punish persons going against the norms of society.

The judiciary and police must be compelled to dispense their duties in the interest of national concern and not individual benefit.

He who lives by the sword must die by it. Rapists must be made to pay for the actions.

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