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‘Hard Work’ not ‘Hard Talk’

‘Hard Work’ not ‘Hard Talk’

“Yes we can,” could be attributed to Obama’s message during periods of election campaigns.  (Photo:  President Ernest Bai Koroma)

Conversely, ‘hard work’ not ‘hard talk’ as summarized above is President Koroma’s self call to politicians of Sierra Leone.

The confident looking President held Parliamentarians for about three hours, telling them all the goodies he intends bringing to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans.

Of course, the well of parliament was made to go clapping at the conclusion of every sentence in pages of statements of the President.

To Sierra Express, President Koroma’s warnings of politicians, if followed, have all it takes to make a turnaround for the country.

It is in the records that unscrupulous political folks have been used to talking hard and not working hard.

No wonder, governments in Europe and America progresses every minute, second, hour, day.

It is authentic to see people work hard and talk less. It is also faking to see people talking hard and do nothing.

No matter the condemnation that President Koroma has done nothing in his 36 months of governance; a thing we also share, it is but fitting that words as paraphrased “hard work” not “hard talk” must be inculcated by all if Sierra Leone is to grow.

Our standpoint: Sierra Leone was long destroyed and would not be built in five ten years time. Give him time!

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  • Hi Ibrahim,
    While i will join my compatriate in our APC party to congratulate our leader and president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma for his stewardship and brilliant talks at the Well of Parliament, i must say much is yet to be archieved.As a party man while i was boasting to some students about what the Pa have said in parliament re-opening, i was ridicule by them as they describe Pa Koroma as a mere talkative without following what he says.They described him as a big joker and a liar as he faked them he was going to harmonize the beneficiaries list while he was in Shanghai, but to no avail just for his minister to describe them as back door students totalling over sixty Masters and PhD students.Remember they are the resources that will be manning the universities , health, agriculture and many more. They said even those who are benefitting always have to wait over a year before they recieve their allowances and even that is always sliced.I should use this medium to appeal to the inner core of our APC party members to tell our leader to act on what ever he says as his utterances are seen as policy statements.S/Leone can only progress if we invest adequately on education and research.We cannot continue to be given handout to this students living in china because we also have our own problems and can not be sustained.Please make the work for 2012 to be more easy by working the talk.
    Joseph P.R. China

    11th October 2010

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