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The dangers of saboteurs

The dangers of saboteurs

Give a few thoughts to the topic under consideration, and then you would be obviously led to believe one self-explicable truth, the truth that prompted Ernest Bai Koroma to make a clarion call for change of attitudes of Sierra Leoneans towards the growth and development of the country.

But the regrettable thing about this concept of attitudinal change is that it has never once targeted the area of the inherent Pull Him Down-PHD syndrome that encases every sphere of development endeavors in the country. Political and or social affinities are what orchestrate this frustrating idea of stamping down at whatever development project undertaken by a party not supported by factions on the other side of the river. This they do and do so very maliciously and with less consideration for the fact that such projects are not being undertaken for the benefit of just the ruling sect, but targets all and sundry in a holistic fashion.

The truth is, Ernest Koroma called for change of attitudes principally because he knew and is convinced that there are inconsiderate and thoughtless people in strategic positions in the country’s development trail who would for uncharitable reasons stand in the way of the development of the country, making sure the Ernest Koroma regime does not succeed and thus fall out in favour with the people.

True to the fears the gentleman had in the beginning of his dispensation, evidence now abound of gross sabotage coming from members of either the civil servants in governance or members of civil society that have been able to edge their way into the system to implant their dys-development bug of sabotage aimed at the impairment of viable government projects.

One such area is the one that has to do with the Free Health Care Initiative and the Charles Mambu saga lodged in the name of civil society. If news about his purported role in the free health care service delivery that has stationed him as supervisor to the programme is anything to go by, then we see a clear ploy by the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party to pull down efforts of the government of Ernest Bai Koroma regardless of the fact that the free health care drive is meant to be a national property and must thus be executed by all with such veneration and regard.

To beat everyone in his game plan, he conveniently had himself appointed as Chairman Health for All Coalition and giving himself supervisory functions in the implementation of the Free Health Care project. The problem is that this man who now seems to be making all sorts of spurious alarms to the disappointment of even the police, does not seem to tell between what a supervisory role is from a monitoring one. To school this gentleman who cannot distinguish between his left from his right, it is good to let him know that giving himself a supervisory role means undertaking the mandate to manage, implement and execute the free health care programme when he does not have the slightest knowledge of what health care service delivery actually is all about. This certainly places him in very comic and incredible situation, especially when forced to lick his wounds each time one of his many ploys of false alarms hit the rocks.

Considering the very sensitive nature of the President’s Free Health Care, questions are: why could Charles Mambu fashion a false alarm relating to the theft of excess drugs that were being returned to the central medical stores in Freetown from Moyamba for lack of storage facility without cross-checking with the District Health Management Team (DHMT)? Why did he always have to be doing such things only to hang on the fact that “things weren’t clear’ when he could wait to let things get clear before raising an alarm?

I would rather have this loquacious and talkative gentleman know that as representing civil society, he rather keep to his monitoring role or stick to observing the implementation of various projects of government. His right to talk when things go wrong is certainly respected but to blab in almost everything that ends up becoming phony and bogus is certainly an untidy thing to do.

These seemingly inconsequential things are what most often end up making things not done, development projects getting stalled in the light of heavy bureaucracies implanted by uncanny people having their ways to sow cancerous tendencies that end up been huddles to successes in development programmes.

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  • Hi Bockarie,
    It is like the pot calling the kettle black.Are you trying to hide with your own shaddow? Do you think we have forgotten the adjective you use again H.E very recently?If you have been tipped by those guys attached at the central medical store who are finding all strategies to steal the drugs meant for the poor of the poorest, then you must change your strategy.We must thank Charlse Mambu and his groups for been vigillant and very proactive by check mating the fraudsters who wants to rob the nation of the free drugs.By labelling Charles as an SLPP sympathizer is like missing the points.Let us encourage more people to be more proactive and stop this selfish and greedy people from ruining the nation. More fire Mr Mambu.
    Joseph P.R.China

    28th July 2010

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