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Alhaji Sheku Taylor-Koita is Dead

Alhaji Sheku Taylor-Koita is Dead

Alhaji Sheku Tailor-Koita was a prominent Islamic leader in Kono District and Sierra Leone as a whole. He was well known for his undoubted generosity in taking care of the poor (‘miskeen’) and his needy neighbors. Those who knew him in early days in Sefadu, Kono, said he was a devout Muslim who dedicated all his time and services to the worship of Allah. During his youthful age he was a very good tailor who journeyed to Kono, eastern Sierra Leone in search of greener pastures. Because of his dexterity shown in his tailoring profession, people came to know him as Alhaji Sheku-Tailor.

Alhaji Sheku Tailor later became prominent in diamond dealing and his proactive stance in propagating the religion of Islam. He rose to the position of Chief Imam at the Kono Central Mosque. In fact, he was the leading brain behind the construction of the Kono Central Mosque on Main Kainkordu Road, Koidu town.

Alhaji Sheku Tailor-Koita was the proprietor of both the Koidu Islamic Primary and Secondary Schools in Kono. Many people at both home and abroad who have tasted the gleam of life today have benefited immensely from his free education policy for the vulnerable.

He was a man whom the cliché more fittingly said ‘uneasy lies the head that bears the crown.’

In terms of care and compassion for his closed relatives and kinsmen from his home town Siguiri in the Republic of Guinea was compared to none in the whole of Kono district and even beyond. His fame was an all talked-about. His care and free accommodation to the sick, poor and needy was uncontested in the whole of Kono district. As an Alhaji who made uncountable trips to Hajj (the Holy Land of Mecca) discrimination was not part of his human interaction policy.

In his prime age, even when family members frowned at his non-discrimination policy of accommodating the lepers with his own family members for fear of contacting the diseases, Alhaji paid no heed to them. His house was like a charitable centre in Kono. Every Friday, beggars used to converge at his 15, Yardu Road residence waiting to receives alms and other goodies,

In the days when Kono was flowing with milk and honey, Alhaji Sheku-Tailor, was referred to as one of the biggest diamond magnate in the district. He pioneered so many Islamic activities in the district for which he will be always remembered. He sent countless members of his family including other devout Muslims to the Holy Land of Mecca.

Sheku-Tailors infinite generosity rendered to his people was immeasurable. His belief in the Islamic dogmas cannot be compromised for any other mundane things in life. He was a pious Muslim that does not condone extremism. When the war broke in 1991 in Sierra Leone, Alhaji Sheku-Tailor assisted displaced people and refugees from Liberia by providing them food and shelter out of his own pocket. For him generosity was just a virtue in him.

As death is an inevitable thing and a necessary end to everyone, Alhaji Sheku-Tailor shut the door on this world on 23rd July 2010 at his 15, Yardu Road residence after a long ailment. He departed this world leaving behind four wives and several other children at home and abroad.

His remains have already been laid to rest at his home in Kono. Sympathizers may call at 15, Yardu Road, Koidu town, Kono; 71c Smart Farm, and 3, Yamson Lane in Freetown.

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  • we dearly missed someone worth emulating in all aspect .may his soul rest in perfect peace

    8th November 2010

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