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As both the APC and people of Kono are gearing up for the development of Kono, there are equally environmental and health hazards hovering over the people of

As they say, bad news travels faster than good news. Following the sad news that former vice president of the Republic of Sierra Leone and also leader of

Subscribers of Africell, one of the leading mobile phone companies in the country are now beaming smiles after receiving pleasant prizes from company. This was disclosed last Tuesday to

Following the mudslide disaster on Sunday August 8th, which claimed the lives of 14 people at No.46, Owen Street, off Mountain Cut, one of the leading mobile phone

The recent mudslide at Owen Street, off Mountain Cut in Freetown is a natural disaster that was precipitated by the heavy down pour of rain on Sunday night. It

Africell, the Number One mobile phone network has made a ten (10) units increase on the initial 25 units per minute international tariff. Now, the tariff charged on

On Saturday the 31st August 2010, the Indigenous Photographers Union has elected a new executive to steer the affairs of photographers in Sierra Leone. Photographers from the four

According to the daily findings of this reporter, it is now common to see Waterloo ‘Poda-Poda’ drivers in the dishonest habit of stopping half-way. Countless number of times

One of the impeding factors to agricultural development in Sierra Leone has been the lack of feeder roads for farmers to take their produce to market centers. In