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Opening old wounds is no answer

Opening old wounds is no answer

When the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) came up with the idea of an inquest on the death of Bambay Kamara and others, killed during the junta reign of the NPRC; Sierra Express had always known that whoever might be pulling the strings in the resurrection of such dead stories was doing so in the disinterest of peace and in total disregard of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC).

The beauty in the recommendation of the TRC is that, renewing old wounds actually hurts and the truth is; there is no one person, faction, or political group that has not been wounded once in the rough history that rainbows the in-placid the past of our little country called Sierra Leone.

When the Sierra Leone Peoples Party took over governance from the colonial masters in 1961-1964, many many people’s toes suffered from the heavy boots the then government treaded with. In-fighting blighted the regular happenings in the party and as result, a great many were dissatisfied and not catered for.

Same was for the APC, many unlikeable executions and jailing were done that left a host of people displeased and nursing retributive reprisals when the opportunity arose. When the NPRC took over from the APC in 1991, its short rule that lasted until 1996 saw a lot of machinated summary executions that left grim scars in the hearts and minds of people, as much so that people still consider their rule as the most uncharacteristic governance of the country  since independence.

This trait trailed on even into the democratic reign of the SLPP. People who it was said planned coup against the government were charged with treason and subsequently executed in a hasty trial that left many people seeing the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party as planting bad blood in the political sphere of the nation.

Now under the APC rule, we are hearing of calls to set up an inquest to investigate the circumstances that led to the death of some citizens during the brutal reign of NPRC.

This happens always because whether by design or whatever, every body is certainly not catered for in the governance of the country which obviously means that some remain unhappy and would like to show their unhappiness when once they get the opportunity.

Be that as it may, the reality is that: it is never a wise thing to render such animosity by ways of retributive justice; a situation that has attracted so much condemnation that it is apparent that Sierra Leone as a nation is not ready for this anymore.

The issue of the death of Bash Taqi, late husband of the current the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone Madam UMU Tejan is now coming up. More bones are still lying in the political tombs of the country waiting to be unraveled, bolting out of the blue and causing a lot of social-political damage to our young and creeping democracy.

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