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The circumstances that led to the April 29, 1992 coup started a day before, on April 28 when Tom, along with his fighting men, commandeered the AA gun,

It is always tough to write an obituary of a young person who dies too soon. I find myself in that position writing this obituary of Tom Nyuma,

Son of former I G Julius Bambay-Kamara and others whose family members were extra judicially killed December 29th 1992 under the erstwhile regime of National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC),

It was meant to have started at 11:00 am on a Monday morning but no thanks to the usual ‘Blackman time' (BMT), it began almost an hour and

After about two months of Maada Bio’s winning of the Sierra Leone People’s Party flagbearer election, it is sure he will be breaking his silence tomorrow Saturday 3rd. Bio’s

Bio is blemished, he is a killer, and violator of human rights. And it is clearly stated in the TRC report ( flipping the pages ) that the

The twitter box in the warehouse of Mr. Idiot has hacked information of combat fighting between Julius Maada Bio and John Oponjo Benjamin (notorious coupists). Catch it live -

Mr. Idiot’s wakefulness of coming events (the soon to come Presidential elections) has compelled him draw consciences of Sierra Leoneans to Maada Bio’s serialized involvement in coup d’états. The

Two of the key players who brought untold sufferings to the people of Sierra Leone have taken the leadership of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) ahead of