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Observing that some of the causes of the civil war are still evident the Deputy Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission in Sierra Leone (HRCSL), Victor Idrissa Lansana,

I may have darkened the corridors of professional journalism since 1996, but now more than ever, I feel tormented that the current political theatre has grown to the

It was meant to have started at 11:00 am on a Monday morning but no thanks to the usual ‘Blackman time' (BMT), it began almost an hour and

The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone has started exhibiting the Truth and Reconciliation National Vision to Secondary Schools. (Photo: TRC Laison Officer, Josephine Thompson-Shaw explaining one

When events occur I like to wait and see what information comes to light before jumping in with 'it's this' or 'it's that'. What appears to be one

When the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) came up with the idea of an inquest on the death of Bambay Kamara and others, killed during the junta reign

Attorney General and Minister of Justice Hon. Abdul Serry-Kamal (in photo)  told the media men in Freetown that the inquest on the death of the former Inspector General