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September 2010

Greetings: The play chronicles the life of an African woman as she endures and survives an abusive relationship at hands of her husband. Her resilience is seen through her ability to provide for her family

The Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter’s Presidential Election between Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), and Yabom Sesay, held on Sunday September 12, 2020 is not over until it is over for the following reasons.  The results were Yabom

African Minerals, with proven track record in Sierra Leone, has demonstrated its willingness to advance the Tonkolili Iron Ore project from concept to reality, all in a bid to make the country a heaven on

In the bid to galvanize support and to increase its membership to win the 2012 elections, SLPP Holland chapter had a general meeting to discuss the way forward and the recruitment of new members. The

The Wesleyan Church of Brookfields, a local chapter of the Wesleyan Church Mission of Sierra Leone has set the pace in working towards meeting both the spiritual as well as physical needs of its worshipers.

Terry Jones, Pastor of an obscure 30-member Pentecostal Church - Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has been the epicenter of both national and global controversies in connection with his stunt on burning copies

Without a doubt, the indomitable, soft spoken, humble and open hearted Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Korom (in photo) has won the presidency of the largest APC chapter of the APC Washington, DC Metropolitan chapter in North America.

Where do AIDS orphans who have grown up living with HIV and AIDS go for help after they turn 18? Who is responsible for these young adults who have been cared for in institutions all

I am neither a sports fanatic, nor acquainted with any senior sports official in the country. I have heard the name Nahim Khadi (President of the Sierra Leone Football Association) for quite a while, but

In his letter to BBC, Dr. Sama Banya (in photo) writes: I am constrained to call your attention to the BBC's programme "From our own correspondent" this weekend, i.e., Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning today. The

I have always felt that a lot of the pro APC pen pushers often huff and puff without living up to their own threats of the exposures of the evil doings of the likes of

Meeting one of their corporate social responsibilities in not just the mining sector, African Minerals Limited has proved to the people of this nation that they are not only investing in the country but also

The councilor of constituency 107, ward 379, Melrose Jane During, in her quest to bring to the doorstep better education, on Saturday 11th September, donated educational materials to over 200 children of the above constituency. Addressing

President Koroma’s score sheet of 36 months governance is positive in the mouths of Sierra Leoneans. (Photo: HE President Ernest Bai Koroma) Surveys say the President should be saluted and given big kudos for bringing to

In today's chaotic world, the attention on individual leaders and their performance grows brighter. Those organizations/countries that are supporting their value and the reputation of their leaders in these challenging times have one thing in