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“I am totally confused as to why my President is playing mathematics with his names” says:- Alusine Njie a teacher. The President of The Gambia, His Excellency President Yayah

“As a Nation we stand behind our President to fight Ebola” says Ambassador Bassir The Director of Cooperate Affairs Philip Morris West Africa, Mr. Harouna LY has disclosed that

“Educationally, you are contributing to the manpower of a sister country”- says:- Ambassador Daramy.     His Excellency the Ambassador of Sierra Leone to The Gambia, Ambassador Soulayman Daramy on

“Coming together will make us one solid rock family” Says:- Haja Saidata Sesay The first meeting of the newly formed Sierra Leone Women Organization (SLWO) in The Gambia, with

“Henceforth, I should be called – Babili Mansa” Says:- President Jammeh In a surprise announcement over The Gambian National Broadcaster (GRTS) yesterday October 01st 2014, it was announced

A consignment of medical drugs, equipment and Doctors from the State of Israel is expected to arrive soon in Sierra Leone as part of the Government of Israel’s

“We are part of the struggle to kick Ebola out” says :- Chairman Conteh. Members of “Friends of Ernest Koroma” in The Gambia over the weekend made cash presentation

“We want to identify ourselves with the struggles of Ebola” Says:- Chairman Yanni Dangha. (Photo: Chairman Yanni presenting the cheque) Members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Gambia

“When your neighbor’s house is on fire, help with a bucket of water” Says:- President Jammeh The President of The Gambia Sheik Professor Dr. Yahya A. J.J Jammeh Nasiru