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One of the Thermal Generators was installed by the APC Government was this afternoon loaded on a truck to be transported reportedly to Bo by SLPP operatives. But with

Corporate mining remains a cornerstone of the country’s revenue earning drive in order to finance post-Ebola economic recovery activities and the longer term Agenda for Prosperity national development

Koidu, May 19 (SLENA) - The Parliamentary Committee on Works Housing and Infrastructure has come down hard the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) for the slow pace at

Residents in Kono District have lavished praise on the Koidu New Sembehun City Council and the newly elected Mayor Emerson Lamina for the outstanding performance and contribution in

Sierra Leone diamonds were discovered in the Kono district in 1930, when a small geological survey team led by British colonial official N.R. Junner and his assistant, J.D.Pollet,

A violent clash between young people mining at the controversial No. 11 Tailings and members of the Gbense Indigenous Youth Organization has left about four people severely injured

Paramount Chief Paul Ngagba Saquee (photo) has made history through his work in resettling residents of Koidu town affected by the Kimberlitic mining in his chiefdom of Tankor,

Investigations carried out by Sierra Express Media reveal that Kono District has not been considered for any development project from a recently released US $101 million funding for

The story is bizarre but nevertheless a reality, a grim one at that. When met with my first bizarre African Child story in my native land of Kono