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Quite recently, the president of Sierra Leone ordered the immediate reversal of certain prices of fuel and rice, the staple food. It goes without saying that the president

Accolade must be given the late President Joseph Saidu Momoh for straight forwardly telling Sierra Leoneans that he failed his exams as he navigated the ship of state. At

Musicians have told the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) how the City Father, Mayor Herbert Williams, paid them Le300,000 and not Le 3 million for performing at the Morgan

It has reached desks of Sierra Express Media that musicians have voluntarily made statements to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) exposing Mayor Herbert Williams’ corruption attachment. Twenty Sierra Leonean

The Minister of Energy and Power, Prof. Ogunlade Davidson (in photo), is reportedly in hot water with officials of National Procurement Office (NPPA) owing to US$30 million contracts

Cabinet, at respective meetings; 31st January and 7th February 2011, confirmed corruption overindulgences of City Council due to its end of year financial status. Facts sourced out say a

Legal counsel for the indicted National Revenue Authority Commissioner General (NRA), Allieu Sesay (in photo), has questioned the 57 count charges put forward by the Anti Corruption Commission

Courtesy of concerned readers, the Sierra Express Media reluctantly pitched a question it asked in its Thursday 14th edition: “Afsatu’s Conviction… APC/Afsatu: Who Chopped Le 300 M.” Findings as

A high court in Freetown has convicted Afsatu Kabba (in photo), the sacked Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources on 5 counts of corruption. The court acquitted her