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Liar minister covers up hardship!

Liar minister covers up hardship!

Accolade must be given the late President Joseph Saidu Momoh for straight forwardly telling Sierra Leoneans that he failed his exams as he navigated the ship of state.

At as the late man’s confessions of his stewardship to Sierra Leoneans, it was seen as a total embarrassment to society.

But time passed, it was realized that the late President Momoh never misled society, but rather put the governors on red alert.

Assumptions have it that the late President’s confessions prompted the 1992 military intervention of younger officers thus the advent of the national provisional ruling council (NPRC) government of Captain Valentine Melvin Strasser.

This is virtually not so with President Koroma at all. And no disrespect to his upright governance structure, but that his ministers, who on number of times say lies to the uninformed public thus contributing to what is seen by many as political deception.

It makes no disputation whatsoever that President Koroma has indeed demonstrated his willingness to issues of infrastructural concern.

Don’t even ask how; just go on observation patrols to Wilkinson Road, Main Motor Road Congo Cross, Lumley, Goderich, Dundas Street and parts of the twelve districts of Sierra Leone and see yourself.

Allow me hit the nail on the head now. It is inappropriate hearing people labeling the likes of especially Kotor Lie B and Al-Lie Gie Alufa Kahnu as distributors of lies to the general public.

Sierra Leoneans are reportedly fed up of lies preached them by state officials and have virtually attributed same as not having the traits of late President Momoh’s straight forward governance doctrine.

“If den nor say nar global, den go say social instability, natural disasters or conditions imposed by donor contributing nations – ur bar Salone nor go change now – so so lie.”

Just recently, one of APC’s grooming politicians, who doubles as a classroom Deputy Minister of Information, Sheka Tarawalie, was at the opening ceremony of the launching of the state of the media report by the Independent Media Commission (IMC), at the Hill Valley Hotel, Signal Hill, Freetown.

To your surprise (sorry not me), the Deputy Information Minister boastfully told media representatives that members of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) including the Present Minister of Information, who until 2007 was President of the said association, have had field days violating section 4 (1&2) of the IMC act 2000 unchecked.

He was also at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) past Saturday to again challenge representatives from respective media institutions that SLAJ has had no legal right to nominate people to serve as Commissioners at the IMC.

Anyway, no need to waist time on issues of illogical, irrational and ridiculous nature – but say them at once that society is not happy with liar ministers.

What about the recent reduction in the price of petroleum products. It has reached this press that an agreement between government and the oil marketers for the reduction of taxes on fuel oil was reached at between the two, nay the unfailing decrease of the price of a liter of oil from Le 5,000 to Le 4,500.

Good news anyway, but please cautioned state officials to refrain telling of lies to the vulnerable public.

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  • Another crap from coward’s . Not worth reading at all . Do we need another failed government or a failed society ? HECK NO. So there is the need for yours to sacrifice now in order for us to change status quo. The funny thing about Salone now is that the so called educated guys are busy stupifying the poor masses. Shame on folks who act as sort .

    30th May 2011

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