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N'fa Alie Conteh (in photo), Chairman and Chief Electoral Commissioner, who travelled all the way from Freetown to supervise a local council bye-elections in Tonko Limba Ward 196,

The Executive Director of the Society for Democratic Initiatives (SDI), Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, has accused Awareness Times newspaper of killing the Independent Media Commission (IMC) by deliberately and

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka BlydenLicensed PublisherAwareness Times Newspaper, 17 Garrison Street, Freetown.Tel: 076-812345    Tel: 076-812345    Tel: 076-812345 TO:The Executive SecretaryIndependent Media Commission (IMC)Kissy House, Freetown January 15th 2013 Dear Sir, REQUEST FOR REACTION

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on Wednesday September 26TH, issued suspension letters to three leading newspapers, namely Awareness Times, Observer, and Senator for gross violation of the IMC

Krin, Krin, Krin my mobile phone rings.  Hello, who’s speaking, I said.  Samura, the caller fumed, have you read the Awareness Times newspaper?  No, I dejectedly answer back.

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has put a moratorium on the on-going media war between Standard Times and Awareness Times Newspapers. At an emergency meeting of the Board of

The Attorney General, who until recently, filed a complaint to the Independent Media Commission (IMC), complaining the publisher of Awareness Times newspaper, seemed making ‘U Turn,’ beseeching Sylvia

Behold President Koroma’s appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice understands it all; “What’s the color of the APC Leader’s Underwear” as said by the Awareness Times. It brings

Freetown: The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has unanimously adopted a report by the Sowa Commission on complaints by two journalists against Julius Maada Bio, presidential aspirant