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The Sylvia Blyden & Bio’s peace!

The Sylvia Blyden & Bio’s peace!

Krin, Krin, Krin my mobile phone rings.  Hello, who’s speaking, I said.  Samura, the caller fumed, have you read the Awareness Times newspaper?  No, I dejectedly answer back. (Photo: Dr Sylvia Blyden and Maada Bio – photo credit: Awareness Times)

It was then that I quickly called on my office messenger to ask him rush to the post office at Central Freetown and get me a copy of the Awareness Times newspaper. Guess what? It was Sylvia Blyden and Maada Bio in a photo on the front page of the paper.

As a journalist, it is my professional bounds to comment on, or make opinionated statements to issues of extreme public concern. And the Sylvia Vs Bio not being an exemption, have forced me take up my pen to write the chronicle of what used to be a big battle to now a comic match.

I am sure the history books will unfailingly have to narrate pockmarks and denting assertions levied against the Sierra Leone People’s Party elected Presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio.

If he wins the soon to come 2012 elections, it is but compelling that he would be left without options but… and of course, it is not for me to guess that now, but what to see what the future has for us.

Being mindful of the repercussion in the use of words such as ‘Bio is a killer, a thief, and one who has earned himself a Brigadier in the Sierra Leone Army’ I was left without any option but to keep my mouth completely shut.

Just after Bio’s winning of the SLPP Presidential flagbearer elections, an all out media campaign was launched against him.

He was discussed on pages of newspapers and in studios of widely broadcast radio stations.

Even though some supporters of Bio attempted defending their man, their efforts yielded no fruit but nonetheless whetted appetites of Bio’s opponents.

Now to the point anyway! The tense fight respectfully ended last week.

Bio and Sylvia were later seen in a photo embracing each other, demonstrating to Sierra Leoneans that their longed fallout was indeed over.

That apart, subtle and mild articles on pages of good number of newspapers in Sierra Leone carried the headlines of Sylvia and Bio’s peace resolved.

All, including the politicians, shook their heads as they glanced at the boldly published photo of Sylvia and Bio on the front page of the Awareness Times newspaper.

Yes, the politicians must always be taught lessons. It is no secret that opposing political parties felt unpleasant hearing that Sylvia has eventually settled with Maada Bio.

Though mindful of the Sylvia and Bio settlement, it is seemingly observed that the public is of the opinion that there are implications surrounding the peace.

That it is sure that no amount of retraction or image cleaning can help restore the injured character of Maada Bio.

And it must be noted however that the readership have been left in a state of ponder; quizzically questioning whether allegations against Bio speak the truth or… was all done as a result of the resolved misunderstanding?

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    I feel disgusted when people in their right minds cannot pursue development images for their country, especially Sierra Leone. In a country where human resources are scarce and grossly under represented, needing professional calibres and patriotic service, people ignore their responsibilities.
    Let me hasten to be specific here. I cannot imagin someone professing to be a trained and qualified Medical Doctor, living in a land (place of birth) that desperately need the service of Medical professionals and yet cannot deliver. Thank God, i am a “Sanitary Inspector” and i serve in that capacity as career developer in one of our Universities and an asset to community health projects. My humble request is for everyone to buy the positive idea of President Koroma and take up progressive duty and display erudition in the field you claim to be. It is high time the press(print and electronic media) starts recognizing the services of the few patriotic professionals in the country as a motivator for others in the diaspora to come back and serve their people, and also for others within the country to take on their responsibilities rather than engaging in selfish political recognition.

    31st August 2011

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