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The Attorney General vs Sylvia Blyden’s Fight …Telling It Well!

The Attorney General vs Sylvia Blyden’s Fight …Telling It Well!

Behold President Koroma’s appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice understands it all; “What’s the color of the APC Leader’s Underwear” as said by the Awareness Times.

It brings to reflection an article that was written in which the purported underwear of the Chairman of the  SLPP was intentionally discussed.

The media landscape in Sierra Leone today centrally borders around having journalists refrain in the use of uncalled for words in stories they write.

Some months past, it was the underwear of the Chairman of SLPP, John Oponjo Benjamin that made it all in one of this country’s national newspapers.

Just last week, a front page story questioning the colour of APC leader’s underwear was news of the week.

The article which now dominates the lips of politicians, and which is also a subject of IMC deliberation, apparently linked President Koroma in the encouragement of the media to publish materials promoting his conducts.

It is, but conspicuous that the article defines ‘Koromaism’ as the art of discussing the colour of underwear that male Sierra Leonean politicians wear: all such gutter materials published in a bid to promote President Koroma’s successes.

Even though politicians in the APC sees such as demeaning to the Presidency of this country, the content in the story has to be critically analysed before reaching at its truest meaning.

Can we just ask ourselves this question: “Why was Mohamed Sankoh’s photo used in a story that speaks of the APC ‘Leader’s Underwear’?” By the look of things, it is seemingly unquestionable that stylized doctrines of politicians to pay journalists to say things negative against opponent politicians is beginning to go in an uncontrolled direction.

Of course, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, on behalf of the President, recently submitted a letter of complaint to the Independent Media Commission (IMC), accusing the Awareness Times newspaper of saying things that he believes is ridiculous to the Presidency of the Republic of Sierra Leone. “What’s the color of the APC Leader’s Underwear?”

Answers to the question were clearly mentioned in the content of the story by the writer.

That ‘Koromaism’ involves a discussion of the colour of male politicians’ underwear in assumed visits to discuss party politics.

‘To discuss party politics,’ could it be taken to mean that the writer merely used ‘underwear’ as an expression to explain dirty games of the present political tricks of officials of the APC?

Yes, ethical principle requires selective and carefully chosen words when writing stories; be it human or entertaining.

And where not officials (politicians) laugh big anytime disrespectful bits and pieces are published against their opponents.

Oh sheet (sorry bull sheet)!! No disrespect for them at all, but indignity to them that pays ‘big fat dons’ to food finders or glutton journalists; attack collect, defend collect- sorry oh!

Even though the Minister of Justice, in his letter of complaint, denounces conduct of the publisher of Awareness Times as persistent and of no justifiable ground, it is perceived by society that persons ‘tagged’ as ‘Koromaists’ have had field days shooting invectives at adversaries of President Koroma at will.

Implicitly, Sylvia Blyden of Awareness Times has had uncivilized bashing from persons believed to be press of the power house; yes, this is true and it is to our comprehension.

On a number of occasions, so to say days,  months and years, there had been writings from individual journalists, attacking for and defending politicians at liberty.

Of course, ethics and professionalism are all not to their consideration at all.

This same underwear publication was directed against SLPP John Benjamin, but nothing came out of it.

And because no action was taken neither by the person impaired nor officials of the Independent Media Commission (IMC), it is seen as justifiable to use underwear in stories concerning high placed individuals.

Permit me tell it all that ‘food finder’ journalists and who patrol homes, residences and rendezvous of politicians have no pride at all.

It is glaring though that issues explaining underwear of politicians have been directed at both John Benjamin and now President Koroma included.

The IMC battle between the Minister of Justice and Sylvia Blyden is likely underway and shall be making headlines on front-pages of newspapers.

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  • Sierra Leonean journalists who are compromising journalism with insolence,needs to be taught a lesson……. Thanks for press freedom in Sierra leone now,but there should be a fine line between gross indecency and disrespect to our Leaders.

    28th February 2011
  • All thumbs high for you Ibrahim! Indeed, its high time sanity is restored to journalism in Sierra Leone. The IMC can’t be expected to arbitrate objectively by continuing to sit on the fence. For far too long,unethically-minded journalist-posers like Mohamed Sankoh and others like him have had a field day unmaking and knowingly destroying the image of descent people in society all in the name of Koromaism. If the IMC and the Attorney General’s office did not see any bad in their writings, why the hell are they now crying foul? Is it because one of their’s has now been severely dented and embarrassed by the same framing? If the Koromaist’s who live in glass houses throws stone at others, whats wrong in taking revenge when everyone is entitled to equal treatment before the law? Or does the Attorney want to re-write the laws of Sierra Leone so as to please his cronies (the Koromaists)? He had better learnt from recent unfoldings in the Middle East and North Africa that the days of dictatorship and political manipulations are over.

    28th February 2011

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