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Sierra Leone Lands Minister Needs Caution Too Many Complaints against Him

Sierra Leone Lands Minister Needs Caution Too Many Complaints against Him

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Lands, Dr. Dennis Sandy, is no doubt, becoming too tyrannical, who, if not tamed, would be one of the key architects of President Bio and the New Direction downfall.

Since his reappointment in the said ministry to manage the affairs of   the country’s land system, Dennis Sandy has continuously being on the spotlight over some of his controversial actions which on countless occasions trampled on the rights of many legitimate land owners, lease holders among others.

It could be recalled that Dr. Sandy started his controversies when he overturned a Presidential Order with his very own Ministerial Order *#1* and nothing came out of it. The same Dr. Dennis Sandy while serving as Secretary to the Government Transition Team (GTT) took to all major radio stations and quickly labeled all past government officials as ”Ayampis,” thieves, and criminals. The result from his utterances only succeeded in undermining Mr. President’s fight against corruption and further justified claims that the ongoing Commission of Inquiry is nothing but a witch-hunt against members of the All People’s Congress (APC). Minister Sandy continued his disrespect and havoc against hundreds of Sierra Leoneans while proudly boasting that he is operating under the full approval of the President and State House.

Mr. President if you are not already aware, you now have the opportunity to know that Dr. Dennis Sandy has over 200 cases filed against him in the Sierra Leone Law Court and the Anti-Corruption Commission. Indeed, no one in their right mind will attempt to argue that over 200 unconnected people or institutions are telling lies against this dysfunctional Minister of Lands.

Can you believe that this Minister is already dealing with 200 legal battles in less than one year in office? How much legal wrangling awaits him if he spends a few more weeks, months or even another year in governance? Honestly, Mr. President, if you don’t act fast, Dr. Sandy will bring you and your Government down.

We all saw how Dr. Sandy allegedly sent imposters to the resident of his predecessor at the Ministry of Lands, Madam Diana Konomanyi to demand for documents of her private land on the pretext that he (Dr. Sandy) was acting on behalf of the Commission of Inquiry (COI).  Despite the public outcry to stop Dr. Sandy’s harassment on ordinary people, on March 15th, 2019, he did worst.

This time, the controversial Minister allegedly went further to hire an excavator and sent some SLPP thugs who were carrying sticks to demolish the fence on another plot of land along the peninsula belonging to Diana Konomanyi. Is this what the law says or just another justification of which-hunt?  After illegally demolishing the fence and the caretaker quarter, Dr. Dennis Sandy sent a threat to Madam Diana Konomanyi stating that “this is just the beginning and the worst is yet to come your way.” Those skeptics who may want to argue that they are in support of the criminal actions perpetrated by the current Minister of lands will soon bury their heads in shame after learning that Dr. Sandy is now attacking other respectable Sierra Leoneans.

Dr. Sandy on the same March 15th after his illegal activities against Madam Dianna allegedly sent the same excavator to a piece of Land at Spur Road belonging to another senior Statesman, Lawyer Desmond Luke. Dr. Sandy’s instructions yet again were to demolish the fence and any structure in the property belonging to Lawyer Desmond Luke. Closed sources revealed that the Land at Spur Road is a private property with a title deed dating as far back as 1949. Possibly, this title deed of the land at Spur Road existed way before Dr. Dennis Sandy was born. Sources also informed this medium that the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone had recently passed an injunction for Dr. Dennis Sandy and the Ministry of Lands to stay off the private property of Lawyer Desmond Luke. Sadly, even the court verdict could not stop “His Royal Lowness” Dr. Sandy in carrying out his actions. However, his actions do not come as a surprise to many because, it is a continuation of things he had done on numerous occasions in the past including; public defiance against you, Mr. President including; the overturning of your Presidential Orders without no repercussion or reprimand.

With such attitude, why would you blame people for believing that Dr. Dennis Sandy is acting on full orders from your office? President Bio, your inaction to tame Dr. Dennis Sandy over the past months has left the public with more questions on the relationship between you and your Minister of Lands.

  • Mr. President, is Dr. Dennis Sandy one of your Sacred Cows?
  • Mr. President is Dr. Sandy acting on your instructions and direct orders?
  • President Bio, what hold or thing does your Minister of Lands has on you?
  • Mr. President have you checked with the ACC and Sierra Leone Law Court to see what those 200 plus filed cases against your Minister of Lands are all about?
  • Mr. President, if you don’t stop Dr. Dennis Sandy, rest assured that he will stop you or become an architect of your downfall.
  • President Maada Bio, Dr. Dennis Sandy is dangerous, toxic and a liability to you and your Government. Don’t say we never warned you.

We will continue our investigation on this issue and bring you more updates.

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