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Pastor Mambu Speaks God’s Mind For Sierra Leone

Pastor Mambu Speaks God’s Mind For Sierra Leone

Pastor Francis A.M Mambu, the General Overseer of Faith Healing Bible Church-SL, has revealed to the nation, what he called “God’s Mind for Sierra Leone, between 2021 and 2022”.

The Servant of God said he went to the US for a crusade in August, this year, where he was greeted by concerned Sierra Leoneans with many questions about the well-being of their country. “Upon my return, I set myself aside to seek the face of the Lord. In the third day of the Esther fasting, I fell into a trance, and my spirit man came out of my body. I found myself by the side of a very big hill, but towards the foot of the hill was a very big sea, and I saw three men dressed in immaculate white. Immediately, the spirit of God ministered to me that the men I saw in the trance were celestial beings. Then I saw the men came with a very big and long fork with three teeth. I stood watching them, but they did not say a word to me. They went towards the edge of the sea, and immediately they stepped their feet into the water-it dried up. Towards the foot of the hill; appeared thousands of rooms. After the water had gone dry, the three men in white entered into the rooms and emptied the mud from one room to another. Suddenly I saw them used the same big and long fork to drag an object out from the inside, and laid it on the dry land. They went in again; spent some time there, and they brought out a very old trunk which they laid beside a fish. They break and opened and turned it over, and all types of currencies and gold and diamonds were emptied from the trunk”.

Again, the three men went looking into the rooms; from one to another, and thereafter I saw fresh and blue water flowing, but I didn’t know where the water was coming from. As the water kept flowing, I saw fresh trees popping up; covering the entire place. Furthermore, I saw different kinds of small and medium fishes, swimming and entering into the rooms from where the old fishes were removed. Baffled with what I noticed was that, plenty of the fishes brought from those rooms and lain in the dry land-did not survive, as some were so old that they had no fins and scales. I was tempted to ask questions, yet the three men did not speak with me at all. After the men had finished their work and departed, it interpreted to me that it was the wealth of Sierra Leone that had been buried in that place, for centuries.

Then the Lord revealed to me-a verse in the Holy Bible: “Joel 2:18-19…Then will the Lord be jealous for his land, and pity his people. Yea, the Lord will answer and say unto his people, Behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith: and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen”.

Prior to his interpretation of the trance, the Servant of God reminded a jam-packed gathering at the national stadium about his revelation to the nation, barely three years ago, which he said, had to do with “a hand in a forest, cutting the branches”. He added: “God is about to restore the glory of Sierra Leone”. But listen and listen carefully, he urged the mammoth crowd: “God will have to remove many of the lives seated on the destiny of the nation. The fishes removed from the rooms by the Angels, represent the agents seated on the destiny of Sierra Leone; for whom God has come down to wipe off and to cleanse the nation”. The Servant of God enjoined: “God says he has become jealous for Sierra Leone, and has heard the cry of the poor, and will restore its destiny”.

He clarified that the revelation in the trance did not exempt the promoters of devil dancing in the country. He said: “By the prophetic revelation of God, the three men I saw in the trance were God himself who came down in disguise to indiscriminately purge Sierra Leone, regardless of tribe, region and political affiliation, and between now to 2020 and 2021, people from other nations would be jetting the country to see God’s remarkable hand on Sierra Leone.

Pastor Francis A.M Mambu is one of the true servants of God in Sierra Leone; highly regarded for preaching the undiluted Word of God without fear and compromise. In the past three months, he has been reminding the nation that he will be revealing God’s message to the nation, but at the appropriate time.

He made this revelation on the last day of the week-long ‘Sierra Leone For Jesus Great Redemption Crusade’, held at the National Stadium, Syke Street, Brookfields, Freetown, organised by the Body of Christ-SL, to seek national repentance, healing and restoration of God’s glory in Sierra Leone. Regarded as the Moses of-the-time, and the Minister at the crusade, over fifty thousand people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds plus several dignitaries were in attendance, including the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Fatima Bio. The crusade also attracted several Men of God from the UK, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea and other parts of the world.

At a similar National Crusade in November, five months after his prophecy for a turnaround of the nation’s shrinking economy in 2016 that a pastor found the third largest diamonds-which became global news.

By Alie Mozart Sesay

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