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Yenda –Nine Years on; Still Going Strong

Yenda –Nine Years on; Still Going Strong

For the ninth year Yenda continue to break into uncharted territories with the hallmark of ascendancy to higher heights. No other day could be better than Saturday 22 September 2018, the incredible UK based Charity Yenda added another feather to its hat. Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mackie U. Sheik backed by a group of dedicated executives stage another tongue wagging dinner and dance to show case their current success in developing the Yengema Community in the Kono district. (Photo: Mackie Sheik, Chairman, Yenda)

What is interesting about Yenda, is the determination to do more for the members and the community. The hard work of the organisation over the years can be summarise in one word; Success. Yenda’s most recent achievement is the establishment of an IT Centre, a bakery, a tailoring centre and many more.

Recently the Charity secured a five-acre land under the Yenda School Palace Centre Project to build a school which will house fifty (50) pupils for a start. The school will also be used for public syndicate classes for Yenda scholarship beneficiaries. On the same land a low-cost community hall, a guest house and a vocational training centre will be constructed.

The Charity’s focus is not only directed to young children and youths but adults and people who have contributed to human development index, service to the Kono community and beyond. Against this back drop the Charity presented awards to people who have made a difference to society in various fields ranging from education, spots and many more.  Awards by their nature are signs of appreciation to those who made tremendous contributions to society. Without a shred of doubt Yenda has set new record in recognising the service of people who are not necessarily members of Yenda. Kudos to Yenda.

Though Yenda is a young charity, its internal administration is the catalyst behind the solid union of the members and the backbone of the organisation’s success; suffice to say unity first and all other things shall fall in place. The internal arrangement of Yenda values everyone ranging from the executives, the beneficiaries and the members of the public. Yenda’s success is nothing short of the following: –

Good leadership

Charities in the likes of Yenda are bound to succeed in their accomplishments particularly when the Charity has a good leader who put the interest of the organisation ahead of his personal gain. It is someone who values the effort of others, committed to community and nation building. Yenda is fortunate to have the likes of Mr. Mackie U. Sheik as the Chairman. Mr. Sheik is a people’s man, he cares, he leads from the front and inspires others to follow. To this end Mr. Sheik and his team hardly go wrong.

Diversity First

Yenda; like any other charity embraces diversity which is paramount. Aware of cultural diversity the organisation goes the extra mile to promote every culture they meet. The fourteen tribes of Sierra Leone irrespective of their background or creed are a testament to this without recourse to unfair treatment.

Values People

The organisation values their beneficiaries, members of the public and donors. Membership of Yenda is drawn from a wide variety of people in different walks of life. The Charity encourages executive members to do what they are good at to promote the organisation. In effect the beneficiaries, the public and the donors get the best service they require; thus, making Yenda popular and a top notch among Sierra Leone Community Based Charites in the UK. Once, every year Yenda organise a fund-raising event for the needy. Their target audience are mainly the working class to help raise funds which goes to the development of Yengema and its surrounding villages.

Public Relations System

Following Yenda’s small success, if public relation system is anything to go by Yenda is way behind the big charity organisations that use household celebrities for publicity. Nevertheless, in the person of Tyron De Prince the organisation realises their dream of making Yengema a hub with all guns blazing towards development. Tyron De Prince also known as Salone Whiz Kid is a popular Sierra Leone Music artist based in the UK. He is a top artist who attracts the youths to Yenda events. His musical lyrics and the message he conveys resonates well with the crowd. His target audience are the youths which goes a long way in terms of the work Yenda does.


In the last nine years Yenda and Tyron form a mixture of a rising Charity that hits the ground running to date; with the raw talent of a young musician have always woe Sierra Leone diasporas in the UK to Yenda events. Conversely, what seems to be a slow start in a small measure for Tyron and Yenda are set to excel to a higher height with a difference. Watch out Yenda and Tyron are set for the big stage come next year.

Tamba Gborie, London, UK 

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